Here’s Why Nicki Minaj’s “Chun-Li” Is NOT Cultural Appropriation of Chinese Culture She may be a self-proclaimed "bad guy," but she's not looking to be disrespectful.

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Nicki Minaj may have become the self-proclaimed “bad guy,” via her recent addition to the music world with the release of her anticipated album “Chun-Li,” but we are not too sure about the new accusations from the public labeling her a vision of “Cultural Appropriation.”

Let’s first define the phrase, “Cultural Appropriation,” that’s often used in a time where someone’s choice of style can quickly meet the judgment of Twitter fingers which represents the general public.

In fact, she’s literally acting out a fictional character from a game.

If this is a problem, then most of the old westerns that are often coveted today should be placed on a ban list for their choice to hire White Americans artificially dipped into tan coloring in place of true Native Americans. And let’s not forget that legendary actor Mickey Rooney played a Chinese landlord in the unforgettable classic, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.”

The “acting” argument is what keeps these movies in constant rotation without complaints, so why should Nicki’s choice to embody the Mortal Kombat video game character “Chun Li” be placed under this umbrella. Correct?

The public accusation really began to surface when Nicki Minaj was spotted on SNL dressed in full Chinese-inspired fashion.

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We have to keep this in consideration, Nicki never claimed this was part of her culture or that she came up with this idea trend/invention. 

What Nicki Minaj is doing pales in comparison to Kim Kardashian West claiming that she wore “Bo Derek Braids” when she, in fact, wore braids well known to be adorned by the Fulani Tribe of Africa. See the difference?

Otherwise, be ready for a battle, because the judges of public opinion called Twitter will sentence you to a lifetime of criticism and shame.

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