Ride or Die Green? The Green Burial Welcome to the "eco-friendly" afterlife

Green Burial
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Our main objective is to “Go Green” while we are alive. How but when we die? Bring in the green burial trends.

Whether you’re constantly on a mission to ensure that you place all your plastic bottles in the recycling bin, or you’re a stickler for bringing your own bags to the market, we all are trying our best to keep our planet clean, healthy, and free from waste.

While you may be living a completely green life with little to no waste, have you ever thought about the amount of space you may be consuming in the future when you pass away?

It may not be a topic that will win you points at the dinner table, but let’s face it, traditional burials are not exactly a healthy approach to green living. Just think of how much space on Earth is covered with lead-lined waterproof caskets, that each hold up 20 sq ft of land for the next 200 years.

If you’re anything like us at Econistas, it’s something that makes you think. This is exactly why we decided to do our research to learn more about “Green Burials,” which boasts “eco-friendly” solutions to the complicated conversation.

According to Everplans, there are three ways you can die green. People are already opting for “Green Burials,” that will hopefully help you make a greener decision when it comes to a burial.

Green Burial
Photo: Pixabay

Hybrid Burial Ground

A conventional cemetery that allows for burial without an outer burial container (burial vault or grave liner) and allows for burial in any type of container, including a shroud.

Natural Burial Ground

A setting that prohibits outer burial containers (burial vaults and grave liners), prohibits the burial of bodies embalmed with toxic chemicals and prohibits burial containers made of anything other than natural or plant-derived materials. In addition, Natural Burial Grounds must have a pesticide-free Integrated Pest Management system, which means that pests are controlled using natural and environmental practices that maintain the natural ecology and landscape, rather than using chemicals that may harm the ecology and the landscape.

Conservation Burial Ground

This way has the strictest standards of the three burial grounds. In addition to meeting the requirements of the Natural Burial Ground, a Conservation Burial Ground “must involve an established conservation organization that holds a conservation easement or has in place a deed restriction guaranteeing long-term stewardship” and “be owned by, or operated in conjunction with a government agency or a nonprofit conservation organization that is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a public charity and in business for at least five years.”

Now that you know more about dying green, how do you plan to go? We want to know.


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