Five Romantic Newly Wed Getaways

Romance is something everyone wants to find, and when we have it, -if you’re one of the lucky few-, the next big challenge is keeping it. A romantic honeymoon is a great start for young couples but there are so many locations to choose from. Which one’s the perfect fit? Here are 5 of our top picks.


1. Hermanus, South Africa

Isn’t there something intensely romantic about the sea? It always does something special to set the scene for passion. Hermanus, South Africa is quite the scene. The misty environment, coupled with cliffs and a seaside pathway with opportunities for whale watching are the stuff dreams are made of, romantic ones that are. Romance isn’t quite the same without a little wine to heighten the senses. Hermanus doesn’t fall short here either, there’s a wine valley really close by called Hemel-en-Aarde. In the local dialect, the name translates to “heaven and earth.” What more would you need?


2. Seaside, Florida

Sunrise and sunsets, soft sand, beautiful jewel-toned water, and multiple beautiful beaches. Florida is every romantic’s dream.


3. Bologna, Italy

Ask any lady, there’s no romance without good food. Bologna offers many miles of porticoes coupled with little bistros serving the most amazing homemade food you can imagine. The region Emilia-Romagna is world-famous for its rich array of artisan foods that are worth the cost of every bite.


4. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

If you love mountains with a scenic view of the sea, Puerto Vallarta is the ideal destination. In the evenings, Its beautiful boardwalk is lined with artists, performers, and musicians who create the most romantic of settings.


5. Dubrovnik, Croatia

Ever wondered where those awesome Game of Thrones scenes were shot? Well, now you know. A medieval town with beautiful cliffs overlooking the Adriatic sea, Dubrovnik is in a league of its own. It’s ideal if you’d like a hint of adventure on your getaway.

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