Beyonce Your Bank Account: How to Build Wealth Like Celebrities

A celebrity. Worshiped, envied, or hated; either way, they use all they have to make money. And you can too (without the occupational hazards- i.e. paparazzi).


Create a brand like a celebrity 

Create an incredibly desirable brand that has everyone throwing their disposable dollars at it or a valuable brand that would have anyone budgeting for.


Write a book like a celebrity 

Most if not all celebrities have invested their time and resources into capturing their story. And everyone has a story (yes this means you). It’s up to you to find your purpose and educate others on how they too can win.

Overall, a book is the type of investment that keeps on giving.  Once you’ve worked on developing a book, the return is passive income. Generally speaking, anything that allows you passive income is a good thing.


Build your influence like a celebrity

Having followers is just the beginning. Having RESPONSIVE followers is on an entirely different dimension altogether. Let me explain. If you have 10,000 followers on Instagram (some bought, others are actual followers), and put out an ad for your event, how many will actually respond (meaning purchase a ticket)? So many people build followership by buying followers and responses, that it kills their actual return on investment. The investment being that they purchased followers, took the time to post, etc. Ensure that whatever route you pursue, you ACTUALLY build influence, a followership that responds.


Make public appearances like a celebrity  

Speaking engagements, public appearances, and event hosting are great ways to make some cash, increase your followers, and market your product (as well as services). Register to a speakers bureau or source your own gigs (through an assistant). However, before doing so (in most cases), ensure you have a set rate, requirements (transportation + accommodations covered), and have a kit.



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