6 Latin Comedians To Laugh With

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There is a rising generation of Latin comedians and internet personalities,  unapologetic about infusing jokes with their cultures, traditions, and multicultural experiences. Below is are six comedians you should know and follow on Instagram:

1. Latin Comedian Fausto Mata

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Known for being considered “ugly” and unattractive, Dominican comedian Fausto Mata embraces these characteristics as he entertains crowds with such remarks about himself. He is most known for his famous Dominican movie, “Sanky Panky”. The movie is about a poor man (Genaro) who starts working at a tourist hotel. The point is he has hopes of finding and then marrying a white woman with money who will take him back to the United States for a better life. Aside from this movie, Mata also has his own TV show, on Telemicro, known as “Boca de Piano es un Show” meaning “Piano Mouth is a Show”. He carries the name Boca de Piano as a stage name to reference his unique teeth that his fans love.  Who wouldn’t love someone who turns his or her flaws into jokes, though? You can follow him on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/faustomata5/


2. Latin Comedian: Anjelah Johnson

From performing in the Super Bowl as a cheerleader to a comedian and actress, Anjelah Johnson proves to still be a simple, tomboyish girl even with all the fame she is receiving. Moving to California to pursue her career played out well for this comedian. Anjelah Johnson is really known for her impersonation of a Vietnamese nail salon employee. This stand-up helped her get noticed on YouTube (due to a number of views it had) and land a position with MADtv as part of the cast for a sketch comedy. Another technology success story demonstrated through this hilarious Mexican and Native American comedian. Watch her nail salon experience and see how her experience compares to yours! You can follow here on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/anjelahjohnson/?hl=en


3. Latin Comedian: Gabriel Iglesias

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“I’m not fat… I’m fluffy.” Having to choose between working for a cell phone company and pursuing his dreams of being a comedian, Gabriel Iglesias definitely made the right decision! He proves it in all of his performances, on stage, in movies or on TV; it is hard to miss Iglesias’s appearances.  Mainly known for his Hawaiian shirts and for his jokes about his weight, he proves to be comfortable showing his audience who he is. His impressive 118-pound weight loss had nothing to do with the way he looks, he said, but with being healthy because his life may have been in danger. Explore Iglesias’s comfortability, his new lifestyle and his hilarious remarks on his Instagram page! You can follow her on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/fluffyguy/?hl=e


4. Latin Comedian: Cheddy Garcia

The girl that most likely never straightens her hair, but why would she want to? It fits her exciting and live personality. Cheddy Garcia is a big name in the Dominican Republic for her comedic works. She is very bold and outspoken. She makes everyone laugh with her smart-mouth. It is hard not to laugh at the things she does from the way she speaks to the acts she does. She always has something new to bring to the table and you never know what she has up her sleeve. The comedian has won several awards, such as the Soberano award, for her humorous roles.  Get to know her and you’ll see, there’s WAY more to her than just her luscious hair! You can follow here on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/cheddyg/?hl=en


5. Latin Comedian: John Leguizamo

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What’s “Ice Age” without Sid the sloth? What’s Sid without John Leguizamo to do his comical voice? Nothing of course! The Colombian comedian appears in all of the Ice Age movies through Sid, a character the movie’s fans love for the lisping voice and the remarks the character has to make! Once being a rebellious teen, Leguizamo continued to be so through his comical one man, on-stage comedic stereotypes about Latinos.  The multi-talented comedian has also demonstrated his talents through producing films, acting, doing voice overs, playwriting, screenwriting, and Broadway. He has won several awards for his phenomenal works. Get to see some of John’s work through the new Ice Age movie, “Ice Age: Collision Course”, now in theaters! You can follow him on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/johnleguizamo/


6. Latin Comedian: Lele Pons 

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Award winning and nominated Internet personality and comedian Lele, is proudly Latina, with millions of followers on youtube.  She was born and raised in Venezuela and transferred to Los Angeles, where she experienced some bullying because of her “accent” and differences in facial features. She began here career on Vine, where she featured practical jokes on herself, friends, and loved ones.  Her popularity grew and her shift to youtube in partnership with her management company Shots Studio attracted a positive uproar in following and opportunities.

Pons has co-authored a book called Surviving High School,  partnered with CoverGirl as a Brand Ambassador, and walked for Dolce & Gabbana during Milan Fashion Week (Feb 2017). 

You can follow her on https://www.instagram.com/lelepons  


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