Seven Rules to Follow When Traveling by Airplane

Airline travel used to be a luxury back in the day, but with a larger number of airlines to provide competition, prices are not quite as high as they used to be. This would normally be good news but now not so much. The  low cost of travel has forced airlines to lower quality, air travel, especially economy class, isn’t quite as the pleasure it once was. Here are 7 rules of airline travel etiquette that could make the difference between a comfortable flight and a torture ride.


1. Keep your hands to yourself

Try not to lean on the aisle-side row of seats. instead of propping yourself up with the seats beside the aisle, why not try to use the overhead bins for support? That way, no one gets offended.


2. Never use the seat ahead to pull yourself up

Ever had that done to you? It could be quite annoying when a big dude pulls himself up behind you by using your seat as leverage. It’s probably just as obnoxious as simply kicking the seat like a spoilt child.


3. Stowaway properly

The hardest part of getting on an economy class flight is probably stowing away your hand luggage. Will it fit? That’s the question we ask ourselves. The overhead bins are designed to fit all carry=on luggage but some people take up more than their fair share. place your hand luggage sideways to ensure there’s enough space for the next person.


4. Be careful leaning back

   We know those puny economy class seats can get quite cramped especially for a big dude,      it’s natural to want to get comfortable. Airline economy class seats were meant to recline but it shouldn’t cause the person behind any discomfort. Look behind to see how much room you can comfortably get away with.


5. Break the awkward silence

Everyone’s different, some love to meet new people while others simply dread the prospect. One of the most exciting aspects of boarding a flight is the prospect of meeting someone new and exciting. Introduce yourself to your seatmates and at least make the effort to get a little conversation going. You never know what a new connection might bring. Meeting the right person might just make a particular flight the best you ever took.


6.  Don’t stand in the aisle just because you’re waiting for the bathroom

If you’ve been unfortunate enough to have a seat by the bathroom on a flight, you’ll probably identify with me on this one. Never wait in the aisle if you want to use the bathroom and you find it is occupied. Simply go back to your seat. No one likes a stranger standing over their heads after having to sit near the bathroom anyway. Tight spaces have a tendency to become even more cramped, besides no one wants to stare at your crotch.

7. Never try to get off before those seated in front of you

   There’s no better way of ticking other passengers off than trying to push your way ahead of those in front of you to get off the flight. Everyone’s eager to get off the flight at this point and pushing your way past others will certainly not soothe any already frayed nerves.  

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