This Japanese Spa is Letting People Swim In A Pool Of Red Wine

Who doesn’t love a good glass of red wine? But do you love it enough to submerge yourself in a pool of Cabernet? Well, Japan is offering you the chance to do just that! The Yunessun Spa Resort, which is in Hakone, Japan has swimming pools filled with Japanese red wine. Here’s why you should go to Japan and try it out!

Dipped & Drunk

Mud baths and little eels eating away at your feet is so not-this-season. This spa in Japan is now offering lucky people the opportunity to swim in red wine.

Wu Sah & Wine

Yup, strange as it is, the Yunesson Spa Resort of Hakone allows its semi-naked customers to enjoy some relaxation time in a giant outdoor pool filled with some good Red wine.

Blame It On The Alcohol & Benefits

How do they even get all that wine into a pool? I hear you ask? By pouring it from a 12-foot-tall bottle, naturally.
Of course, this isn’t because they’re really silly. Red wine has a host of anti-aging skin benefits, including stimulating cell proteins which promote longer cell life in the body, through the antioxidant known as resveratrol. BONUS: You can drink red wine as you bathe in it!

Bar of Options

Maybe red wine isn’t your thing? They’ve got you. This spa-theme-park also offers hot tubs of sake, ramen noodles, and even coffee (I can only hope that it’s not boiling when they get in?).
Whilst you might not be convinced that sharing a pool red wine with strangers is the way forward, you have to applaud the creativity. Cheers to that!
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