12 Platforms Promoting Positive Body Perceptions For Everyone


From long necks, to stretched earlobes, thigh gaps, to petite bodies, standards of beauty vary worldwide and can be a very sensitive topic. A Look at Body Shaming around the world”, an article written by the Global Multicultural Magazine, shows that 97% of women worldwide have had an “I hate my body” moment, and I definitely fit into that statistic. A day does not go by without me looking at myself in the mirror, cringing, and hoping to find a quick but permanent cure to my troubles. While I am waiting on a cure however, I decided to use the same channel that makes so easy for people to body shame their peers and turn it into my oasis. Yes, you guessed it right; the media outlets. For those days when you feel like hiding under your bed, here is a curated list of 12 media platforms promoting positive body perceptions, and encouraging all types of beauty and bodies.


1. The Tai Life

Created by Tai Beauchamp, a former magazine editor turned entrepreneur and TV Personality, the blog features beauty, travel, fashion and motivational posts. While navigating the blog, you will find interviews of amazing women, just like you, and will get your daily dose of culture, inspiration, and pick-me-up moments. In a nutshell, it is the perfect destination to get a much-needed boost. While on the site, take a minute to read her article on Melinda Dimarco wants to change how you look at your body written by Jame Jackson.


2. Babe

Launched in 2016, the website is one of the fastest growing women’s site on the Internet. Their contributors write about the lives of young women, covering everyday issues. The site is life affirming, aspirational, supportive and full of amazing stories. One of my favorite’s was definitely an article by Emma Preston Skinny is beautiful, but beautiful is not skinny, touching on people’s misconceptions of being skinny as a beauty standard.


3. Bustle

If you ever wanted to feel like a superwoman and dare to challenge your inner diva, Bustle is the site for you. With its eye catching pictures and well written articles, it is addressed to those who dare to stand and are proud of just being a woman. The articles touch on subjects dealing with lifestyle while promoting various bodies images. Check out their article on their shirts campaigns firing back at the online harassment of women.


4. Mamacax

For all the women who ever felt like, or were told that there is something they could not do, Cax – the founder of Mamacax – is there to put a halt to that negativity. Born in Brooklyn, Cax started her blog in 2013 to document her travel journeys, but discovered a deeper mission along the way. Having had a leg amputation after surviving bone and lung cancers, she then decided to aim her blog at uplifting women with disabilities, and showing them that everything is indeed possible. Her travels and beautiful pictures add to the blog’s charm. Read her article on The Road to self-love, and her struggles on embracing her body.


5. Beyond Classically Beautiful

Curated by Abi Ishola, the site celebrates the diverse beauty of black women. The multi-platforms site promotes features in every industry from sports, art, to music. It is one of the sites where you can literally stumble upon someone looking just like you, thus giving you a sense of belonging. Take a look at A celebration of Black Females Bodies, relating the stories of five women, and the way they went about accepting and loving their bodies despite societies’ views.


6. Refinery 29’s Unbothered

Known as the destination for modern women, the website offers tips on how to live a stylish life while promoting self-acceptance. It provides tips on shopping, travel and health. The site promotes diversity, and showcases people of every race, religion, gender, profession etc. I am always taken aback by their articles, and cannot help scrolling the blog for hours. We need to rethink the way we look at other women is a great article that sheds the light on our wrong doings when it comes to body shaming.


7. The Reglam Blog

Immerse yourself into an electric colorful world, and enjoy the latest news. It touches on multiple topics on fashion, pop culture, art, etc. in an uplifting manner. The website showcases people of diverse backgrounds and ethnicities. It also encourages “the unusual” through its articles and pictures. You can also count on them to get your spirits lifted. One of my favorite articles is A New Breed of Supermodels, because it sheds light on the perception of sexy, and how supermodels are helping to redefine it on the runways.


8. Feminist Figure Girl

Because looking and feeling good should be ageless, The Feminist Figure Girl is the one stop for the mature gym rats, and, let’s say it, every woman. The site was created by Lianne McTavish, in an effort to combine her passion for education and sport. She saw the need to empower women in the sports industry due to the lack of recognition they were getting. I don’t know about you, but I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard a woman being called ugly due to her muscular physique. The blog is filled with feminist reflections on food, working out, sexuality, and bodies; and features questions answered by trained professionals. In shaming the Fit and Muscular, she talks about fit people being judged for their love of fitness.


9. Love Brown Sugar

The face behind the love brown sugar movement is Christina Brown. From working in luxury retail to launching multiple campaigns aimed at empowering women of color, Christina has been able to showcase woman power and prove that we can achieve what we set our minds to despite adversity. Her platform features women of all fields, and is always open to partner with them to further their ascension. She also puts an emphasis on race, and the barriers one may encounter in regard to it. In Women of Size should wear Fatkinis, she flaunts her beautiful frame as visual aid to remind us that sexiness come from within.


10. The Militant Baker

Covered by a multitude of media platforms including CNN, BBC and The Today Show, The Militant Baker is one of those websites that will make you feel right at home. The topics range from a variety of hobbies, culture, friendship, music, self-care, etc. The site is as bold as the writer, and makes it hard not to have an opinion. Jes Baker, the site’s creator encourages creativity, freedom, body autonomy, and in her own words, strong coffee. I felt in love with her article Scars, Self-harm, and The Saturday I Stopped Giving a Shit, because of its authenticity and the courage it must have taken to be so exposed in the pictures.


11. Jordan Bone

Based out of the UK, Jordan Bone is not only beautiful, but also fierce as they come. After an accident in 2005, she was left a quadriplegic and battled depression for five years. Just like the phoenix, her website was a sign of rebirth allowing her to become a pillar of strength and hope. She is inspiring, kind, motivational and a master at makeup. In Body Confidence with no Confidence in My Body, she explains the difficulties she encounters due to her disabilities, while making it relatable to every woman’s struggles. The pictures are breathtaking and the story written beautifully. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


12. Gabifresh

Who said you can’t be curvy and sexy!? Gabifresh is the ultimate destination for the curvy fashionistas. Gabi’s posts and fashion style will take your breath away, and you will find yourself going back for more. She is comfortable in her skin, and encourages everyone to do so unapologetically. With her advices varying from style to beauty, she represents all the women striving to tap into their inner sexy. During her collaboration with Hips & Curves, she embodied the sexy woman we all aspire to be during Valentine’s Day, and perfectly expressed it one of her article titled Hips & Curves V – Day Photo Shoot.









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