Five Museums to Visit While in Santa Fe, New Mexico

From amazing people to historical richness rooted in Navajo and Pueblo Indians and settlers, New Mexico has much of its history and culture to share. When visiting Sante Fe in particular, here are five museums to visit:

Historic Santa Fe New Mexico

For the lover of art, history or culture, Santa Fe, New Mexico, is ideal, off the beaten track, stomping ground. A community of under a 100,000 with ten museums, it has earned its place as a national center for art and history. Each of the ten museums are all distinctive in their rights but here are my recommended five to visit.

New Mexico History Museum

Ironically the Newest of the state’s museums, this facility is dedicated to the history of the state of New Mexico from the perspective of the indigenous Pueblo people. It is housed in the oldest continuously used building in the United States and was built in the early 1600s. The exhibits highlight tales and traditions dating from before the coming of the Spanish conquistadors till present times.    

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Museum of Indian Arts and Culture

This museum can be found on museum hill’s Millman plaza. its mission statement is to inspire appreciation and knowledge of the diverse native arts, histories, languages, and cultures of the greater south-west. it is a great place to find rare native American handcrafted items.

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Georgia O’Keeffe Museum

This small yet iconic museum is only open for certain periods of the year, so any would-be visitors would have to plan any visits. The Museum owns the largest collection of the artist’s work. The Museums’ exhibits change about thrice a year with a break of 2 weeks between such changes. Be sure to check with the museum’s calendar to make sure of what you’ll be seeing.

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Museum of International Folk Art

This museum is one of two museums in Santa Fe run by the state. Opened in 1953, the museum owns the largest collection of folk art in the world. It has four wings each dedicated to showcasing different aspects of the collection which ranges from textiles to artifacts with origins from all six continents.

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New Mexico Museum of Art

Completed in 1917, the museum is housed in a beautiful building built in the indigenous Pueblo style. it is conveniently located in downtown Santa Fe. Its core collection features several artists of southwestern origin dating as far back as the 1800s. Some of the more notable artists include Gustav Baumann and Maria Martinez.  

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