Why Typos Matter

Typos simply mean typographical errors. They are common mistakes that can happen to the best of us yet the banality of a typo does not make it any less dangerous.

Between increase use of emoji’s,  speedy text and laid back social media posts, errors are being overlooked.  These days, people are more lax, typos have been quickly glanced over. Still, it’s always better to maintain a great spelling standard when using social media, especially in a professional capacity.

Nevertheless, typos are still perceived as a sign of laziness, carelessness, and nonchalance in most professional industries, Impressions like these can be detrimental to career growth across industries.

In the advertising industry

A great color selection and a poignant picture are essential in an advertisement but are they enough to get potential clients to overlook typos? If your job includes writing memos, press statements or market copy, errors can easily contradict your brand image and raise doubts about your capability to deliver.

In the publishing industry

An author’s typos can hurt eBook sales tremendously because reviewers are quick to point them out and include them in scathing comments that scare interested buyers. I have changed my mind about many books simply because some reviewers left comments like “So many typos, this person needs an editor.” Even on this blog post, I’ve done my best to ensure that typos are eliminated as much as possible. Yes, I know the story can possibly override typos, however, we can’t take readers time and resources (should they pay for content), for granted.


In your career search and at your job

Typos can mean the end of a job hunter’s chances before he/she is even started. The typical recruiter spends a very short time scanning resumes and the last thing that will draw positive attention is a typo-ridden resume. Get a friend to look over your resume or hire a professional resume writer.

What do you do when people point out typos in your work? Do you get defensive or do you start making steps to improve? Take time to read through your work (at least twice) before turning it in and remember that reading out loud is a better option.


And yes, typos are still a big deal.


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