Get In Financial Formation : Beyonce Your Bank Account with Tonya Rapley

Women and finances. Here lies an important topic that many (the likes of Suze Orman) have dedicated their time, resources and life too. 

We caught up with Tonya Rapley, the millennial money expert, and influencer who prides herself on accomplishing personal financial goals. Her face has graced the covers of Black Enterprise and we’re awaiting the announcement of it on the $100 bill. Until then, she dedicates her platform MyFabFinance to help millennials break the cycle of living paycheck to paycheck so that they can become financially free.

Here are three tips we gleaned from her site:

1. Price Match. 

Listen, you work hard for your money. For that reason, you should make it difficult for money to fly out of your hands.  One sure way of doing so without exhausting your precious time with coupon clipping is price matching. Fab Finance describes prices matching as

Fab Finance also put together a list of five stores that help you price match such as:

  1. Target |  View Target’s price matching policy here.
  2. Lowes  |  View Lowe’s full matching policy here.
  3. Walmart |  View Walmart’s price matching policy here.
  4. JC Penny | View JC Penny’s full price matching policy here.
  5. Best Buy  | Click here to see Best Buy’s full price matching policy.


2. Prep Meals:

Tonya gives us the tea (and banana pancakes) on saving money from simply planning your meals in advance. She shares other benefits of meal prepping such as:

  1. Having Peace of Mind
  2. Spending less on medical bills
  3. Controlling ingredients that go into your food

Tonya provides a free food plan freebie. Check it out here and click here.


3. Write Down Your Goals:

In project management, it is said, ” if it isn’t written down, it isn’t said.” We believe this to be true about your goals, “if it isn’t written down, you never had the vision for it.” Writing down your financial goals helps ensure that you stay on track.  Fab Finance created a free 2016 goal sheet to move you forward in your quest for financial freedom. Click here. 


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