Four Multicultural Millionaires of Latin Origin

From time to time, we share a list spotlighting different shades of millionaires and billionaires whose experiences and occupations are quite colorful. From sports to entertainment to retail; they have impacted us in some way, giving us a vibrant picture of what the future holds for you and I. The following is a list of four Hispanic entrepreneurs you should know and be inspired by:


1. Amancio Ortega

Have you seen the face behind Zara? Well, here it is! Amancio Ortega along with his ex-wife founded the store and began expanding to get Zara known, along with his other stores. Well, it worked out! Being the richest man in Europe even though he stepped down from being the chairman of Inditex (Spanish textile company he founded), Amancio Ortega still receives $400 million in dividends annually!  He invests all of his extra cash into real estate all over the world.


2. Carlos Slim Helu

Who is the Mexican Bill Gates? Why no other than Carlos Slim Helu, of course! Philanthropist and businessman, he is known as the richest man in Mexico. Helu is also the chairman as well as the chief executive of companies like Telmex and America Movil, both telecommunication companies. He stands out for giving back to the Mexican community through scholarships, jobs, and more. He believes in people being involved in the community along with his strong belief in poverty alleviation. Imagine if everyone thought this way, the world may be a better place!


3. Jorge Paulo Lemann

Having run companies that Americans know so well such as Heinz Ketchup, Burger King, Gillette and even Budweiser beer (Anheuser-Busch InBev), the Swiss-Brazilian businessman, Jorge Paulo Lemann, seems to be fairly unknown in the US. The company 3G Capital that he and his partners found also invested in other American-known companies such as Wendy’s. After his control of BK and Anheuser-Busch InBev, both companies increased in stock price and value in only a matter of years. It said that Anheuser-Busch InBev made most of his wealth since it is the largest brewing company in the world! Now he is known as the richest man in Brazil, so cheers to that!


4. Germann Larrea Mota Velasco

With a net worth of $12 billion (Forbes), Germann Larrea Mota Velasco sits as the CEO of the largest mining company in Mexico, Grupo Mexico, which he also owns more than half of the company! He also is the Chairman of the third largest copper company in the world! Although he runs all these places, he keeps an extremely private life; in fact, people have complained about not even knowing who he is or having a picture of him. He’d rather be under the radar, unlike other wealthy men. This is also the reason why people question information about him.

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