Pinterest Introduces Filters By Skin Tone for Beauty Searches This new function gives users a more inclusive experience on the site!

More makeup brands are creating more inclusive shades and opportunities for different skin tones to be acknowledged. Retailers and now digital companies are following suit – like Pinterest.

Oh, how the nineties would have appreciated the matching of makeup to skin tones, now that Pinterest filters skin tone for beauty searches inclusivity now has a digital home.

Looking back at pictures of influential women of color back in the 90s, it’s hard not to notice that their foundation never really matched their true skin tones. Think of women like Naomi Campbell, Beyoncé, and Tyra Banks, when they were all just first starting out.



A new, inclusive feature is now available on Pinterest that lets users search for beauty and makeup inspiration for different skin tones by choosing from a diverse palette of tones and hues. According to the Instagram account, @LiveTinted, the new rollout is a part of the platforms attempt to create a tool that allows users engage with content is “more relevant and useful to them for their daily lives.”


Candice Morgan, the Head of Inclusion and Diversity at Pinterest says, “Last year, nearly 60 percent of the top 100 search terms for skin-related searches involved a tone, such as dark skin, pale skin, and olive skin.” She continues, “Which shows us women of all skin types wanted a way to customize our searches.

Not only do they allow you to filter for different skins but for hair as well. The engineers who worked on this search filter explained their difficulties creating this tool on a Medium post. They cited “lighting, shadows, how prominent a face is and blurriness” as some of the factors creating roadblocks for the Pinterest team.



In the open letter, Laksh Bhasin – one of the Pinterest engineers – writes, “Lastly, skin tones are just the start of building a more inclusive search. We hope to help Pinners find more personalized results by offering more ways to narrow your search. We’re always working on improving our system to give Pinners a more personalized search experience.”


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