Build Your Brand ‘Naturally’ : 20 Natural Hair Conferences To Know Mark Your Calendars

For marketers and business owners: natural hair conferences are a natural hair enthusiast’s paradise. They provide a wonderful opportunity to learn about all of the dynamics of natural hair, attend workshops, learn about new products hitting the market and see how the ever-growing industry shifts to please the customer. These conferences bring natural hair lovers together to share a common ground – THE LOVE OF NATURAL HAIR! With the industry booming at an all-time high, marketing professionals have a grand opportunity to plan advertising campaigns, organize market research studies and develop strategies for products to be marketed in this industry. The following Natural Hair conferences provide the perfect platform for marketing professionals to do. So if you’re a marketing pro, don’t blink: this list is for you!

Natural Hair Event : New Orleans Natural Hair Expo

 presented by the Mane Choice – held in New Orleans, Louisiana – July 1st – July 2nd – The New Orleans Natural Hair Expo (NONHE) is the “Ultimate Natural Hair Experience!” The goal of NONHE is to provide a fun, sophisticated, and social environment that celebrates and promotes the natural hair community and culture.

Natural Hair Event: Curlfest 

held annually in July, in New York City, the Curly Girl Collective’s mission is to create innovative experiences that harnesses the energy of the natural hair movement and showcase the best brands for modern women of color.

Natural Hair Event : Charleston Natural Hair Expo 

held annually in June, in South Carolina, the Charleston Natural Hair Expo celebrates those who embrace the various textures of their hair. The event features educational workshops, blogger panel discussions, health and wellness info, fun events for kids and a social mixer designed to empower women in all areas of her life.

Natural Hair Event : Philly Natural Hair Show 

held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on June 24, 2017. Philly is also known as the city of sisterly love that helps encourage women with natural hair to learn about how to embrace their hair.

Natural Hair Event : Texas International Hair and Trade Show

 held in Mesquite, Texas on June 25-26, 2017. The Texas International Hair and Trade Show is the largest multicultural hair, beauty, cosmetic (HBC) exposition in South Central, United States. It features cutting edge educators, motivational speakers, and fashion icons like no other show in the area.

Natural Hair Event : Johannesburg National Hair Expo 

held annually in May, in Johannesburg, South Africa. According to the show’s website Johannesburg is the place to be for true natural hair aficionados. In Johannesburg, “We believe in natural beauty and the way we pursue natural beauty is by embracing our natural hair…We just happen to be organizing an amazing event that will bring together women and men who share the same values.”

Natural Hair Event : Natural Hair Fest Chicago

held in Chicago, Illinois on July 15, 2017. The purpose of the Natural Hair Fest is: “to expose the root culprits of hair loss, hair damage, balding, scalp irritation and various forms of alopecia that plague our communities (primarily adult women, teens and young girls) resulting from excessive chemical treatment, overuse of heated accoutrements, lack of proper sanitation, bad habits, poor nutrition, and miseducation.” Their goal is to educate.

Natural Hair Event : Natural Hair and Lifestyle Expo (L.A. Natural Expo)

held on September 23-24, in Los Angeles. The L.A. NATURAL Hair & Lifestyle Expo is for EVERYONE: women, children & men including Professional Barbers & Cosmetologist (Licensed & Unlicensed) who want to learn more about natural hair care & holistic health.

Natural Hair Event : Curls, Kinks and Culture Music Festival (Taliah Waajid)

held on October 28, 2017. The Taliah Waajid World Natural Hair Health & Beauty Show brings together the best in the industry of natural hair and skin care, to provide education and training for cosmetologist and barbers as well as free informational workshops for consumers. The show focuses on providing information and education on healthy living as well as natural hair and beauty; with hundreds of exhibitors that offer health, beauty, nutrition, wellness products and services, as well as unique jewelry and fashion.

Natural Hair Event : Locks Conference 

held on October 7-8, 2017, in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. This is a conference that intertwines natural hair, wholistic health and beauty with an array of vendors and entertainment.

Natural Hair Event : Arizona Natural Hair Expo 

held in May annually, in Tempe Arizona. The Arizona Natural Hair Expo is an annual one-day event. Its purpose is to allow the women across Arizona to gather in their own community while networking, sharing and meeting other women with like interest.

Natural Hair Event : Curly Kids Extravaganza, presented by Cantu 

held on June 17, 2017 in Irving, Texas. The goal of this event is to inspire an unapologetic generation of mini-queens and kings to love themselves, their hair and their uniqueness. This event offers kid-friendly workshops, workshops for moms, styling demonstrations, a fashion/hair show, a pop-up salon, costumed characters, storytelling, and so much more.

Natural Hair Event : AfricansGoneNatural- Afrikinky College Tour 

held annually at a different college campus within the United States, the goal of this event is to help college age students embrace their natural hair and attend a hair workshop, learn about entrepreneurship and mentorship.

Natural Hair Event : Rise Empowerment Conference

held on July 15th, in Los Angeles, California. This conference is set to empower women in all aspects from natural hair and beyond.

Natural Hair Event : Love Your Hair Live

held annually in April in Ontario, Canada. This conference is geared towards helping women express how they feel about their natural hair and learning how to live this lifestyle with jazz and confidence.

Natural Hair Event : Curly Treats London Festival

held on August 5, 2017, in London England. Easily identified as the UK’s biggest Natural Hair and Beauty Event, and formerly known as Natural Hair Week London, the goal of this conference is to help women learn how to create the perfect natural hair regimen, help with body positivity empowerment, master holistic womb healing and to help women learn how to create the perfect curls for their hair texture.

Natural Hair Event : The Natural Hair Academy Conference 

held on June 10, 2017, located in Paris France. This annual event is held in order to fill a gap in education and resources for the French natural hair community and of course celebrate the beauty of our kinks, coils and curls.

Natural Hair Event : New Jersey Natural Hair and Beauty Expo

held on September 16, 2017 in Iselin, New Jersey. This is the first annual conference designed to help women in New Jersey and the tri-state area to learn more about their natural hair and beauty, promote self-love, mental wellness and financial literacy.

Natural Hair Event : Kansas City Natural Hair and Wellness Expo

held on August 4, 2017 in Kansas City, Missouri. This annual event is offers to help people heal themselves from the inside out while attending hands-on workshops and lectures, along with a fashion show.

Natural Hair Event : Curlpalooza

held on July 15, 2017 in Rahway New Jersey. This event is known as the Ultimate Block Party and Comedy Show, featuring workshops, a comedy show, indoor and outdoor entertainment.


Any of of these conferences are sure to be a hit with Marketing Professionals, who are looking for the perfect opportunity to help market brands. Natural Hair Conferences provide great opportunities for people looking for more education on natural hair as well as brands that help support them.




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