Six Natural Hairstyles for Transitioning Hair

The “Natural Hair Movement” has been on the rise lately causing relaxer sales to decline. Transitioning hair is hair that is currently on a break from chemical straighteners and is attempting to revive its hair by going without heat or relaxers, resulting in healthier hair. These 6 Natural Hairstyles work well for those that are attempting to go natural and those that already are.

*Note*: Before starting these hairstyles make sure you have moisture, hair oils and creams that can guarantee you the best results. Favorable products include coconut oil, eco-styling gel and olive oil which can be easily found at any local beauty supply store.

Bantu Knots

Bantu knots, preferably known as “Afro balls” to the older generation is one of the well-known hairstyles for Natural girls. If well taken care of, this hairstyle can last up to 3 days. This flirty hairstyle can be easily achieved following these simple steps.

Step 1. Divide your hair into small sections.
Step 2. Massage your favorite hair oil or hair cream into your hands as you twist your hair.
Step 3. Twist and wrap your hair around itself until it becomes a tight bun and secure it with a bobbin pin.


Check out this YouTube video by SmartistaBeauty for thorough instructions on how to achieve the Bantu Knots look.

Flat Twists

Flat Twists is a very simple hairstyle that requires minimal work and somehow creates a voluminous look if done correctly. This hairstyle would usually require re-twisting but can last for a few days before becoming a full blown afro.

This video by Ahfro Baang on YouTube is the perfect tutorial for those who are interested in created a curly and volumizing hairstyle:


Flexi rods

Flexi rods is an easy method for most natural girls that want to have curled hair. This hairstyle can last for a week if cared for properly.
Step 1: Purchase flexi rods from any hair and beauty supply store or through online shopping.
Step 2: Take a section of your hair and wrap it around the rod, it’s as simple as that.

Just to get a visual of how the hairstyle is done, check out NaturalNeiicey video tutorial.


Three stand twist

The three stand twist involves much more complicated steps, which is why the best way to achieve this hairstyle would be to, watch this tutorial by Ahfro Baang on YouTube.


Perm rods

Perms rods are said to look better on shorter hair but in reality this hairstyle is more dependent on hair type.

MoKnowsHair, who happens to have long hair but a looser curl pattern, shows viewers how to perfect the natural curly hairstyle in her video tutorial.


Crochet Braids

This is a new hairstyle that I have seen become increasingly popular since 2014. Family members and friends have tried this look and have influenced me to try this hairstyle very soon. Crochet Braiding belongs to the family of cornrows and braiding and with great practice can come out looking full and fabulous.

TheChicNatural shows her viewers how to do this hairstyle on their own heads using Marley hair in her video tutorial.




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