Spring Vacation Spots to Visit

Panama City Beach (PCB)

PCB is a popular place for the majority of college students to visit during their Spring Vacation. This vacation spot would be perfect for those that love great parties and enjoy going to the beach. Friends that have vacationed there in the past do warn of the blazing sun, which can cause awful sunburns, so remember to pack sunscreen if you ever visit the lively PCB.

Miami South Beach

Florida weather is the perfect get-away for Spring Breakers that want to stay within the United States and what better place to visit than Miami, Florida? Miami South Beach will get visitors to exercise without even noticing it because of the great swimming opportunities that this Beach has to offer. Besides the Beach, there are many tourist attractions that visitors can explore while in Miami, Florida.

New Orleans, Louisiana

By vacationing in New Orleans, Louisiana, Spring Breakers can explore and eventually become a part of the soulful culture that consumes New Orleans. Visitors can listen to the jazz music that fills the streets as they take a bite of the variety of Creole cuisines. Also, celebrations consisting of parties and festivals are always in the works especially during this time of year.  In other words, the people who gave you Mardi gras won’t disappoint you on your quest for adventure.

Las Vegas, Nevada

If there is any place on Earth that knows how to have a good time then it is definitely Las Vegas, Nevada or as some like to call it “Sin City”.  Las Vegas’s purpose is to be a stress reliever for those that worked very hard from the beginning of the year. Their rewards can include casino resorts, Cirque du Soleil performances and evening parties full of never-ending excitement and freedom.

Cancun, Mexico

During Spring Break, Cancun, Mexico, attracts a large number of young people and brings them together for the time of their lives. Besides the wild pool parties, Cancun gets a good reputation for Mexican food and culture. This place is mainly suited for eighteen years olds because of its popular clubs and bars but has activities that can be enjoyable for younger children. Cancun allows young swimmers to interact with safe dolphins and whales in water parks. There is a lot to do in Cancun and visiting Cancun would definitely be one of the best Spring Break decisions you ever made.

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