How to Have A Great Staycation in Your Home City: Tips and Tricks

Awesome trips don’t have to be Foreign. If you’re just starting out as a traveler, the ideal thing is to experience the joy of traveling from home, in more familiar surroundings. Despite what a lot of Americans might think, there are lots of picturesque travel destinations right here in the United States. After all, it is still one of the largest countries in the world in terms of landmass and cultural diversity. There are lots to see. Here are my picks on fun ways to enjoy a tour of the US.


1.  Rent a car and just drive

It’s so obvious, isn’t it? A road trip is a perfect way to enjoy a tour of America. To truly experience and appreciate the diverse nature of this great country, you just need to pile on the miles and drive through it. Of course, unless you’re not planning to have a life after your trip, or you just won the lottery, you’ll probably want to rent a car whenever you can and not use your personal ride. Plan out your destinations and stops based around your passions, then you can just drive from one corner of the country to the other.  You’ll want to look at good accommodation options in the smaller towns and cities,  and then maybe you could camp out if you have the gear.


2.  Visit a local fair in a Small Town

Small towns are the heartbeat of America and the local fair is the heartbeat of any small town. Want to truly know what it takes to be American? Well, then visit the small towns strewn across the country. You’ll be most likely to come across a fair in some of these small towns in the summer months. Enjoy corndogs, rides, dancing and singing for a uniquely American experience


3. Try some barbecue-style cooking from across the country

Barbecue is an American heritage and no one does barbecue better than the American. Folks from all across the country love their barbecue done in different ways. Whatever you do try not to miss out on Texas-style barbecue. Grilling meat over a fire is something that every human civilization has done since the beginning of time but the American does it with style.


4. See a baseball/football game

Every American city is defined by its sports teams. A very American experience would be going to see a game of football or baseball. The atmosphere at the stadiums is unique, just as much as the games are spellbinding. Buy some tickets to see a couple of your favorite sports teams, you’ll probably never find a similar experience anywhere in the world.


5. Go skiing or snowboarding

There’s no truth to the myth that there’s less to enjoy in the US when winter comes along. Utah and Colorado offer loads of opportunities for Skiing and snowboarding. You don’t have to spend a fortune visiting the Alps. Colorado is more popular for its skiing but Utah offers a lot of opportunities as well as less of a crowd.


6.  Don’t miss out on the music

What’s a relaxing vacation without some good music? America loves its Music and the best way to savor the rich music culture is at a local music festival. The music embodies the depth of America’s diversity. There are several worth seeing across the country: the SXSW in Austin, Texas, Jazz fest in New Orleans, Burning man in Nevada are some of the more prestigious ones.


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