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Wakanda – Black Panthers!!!


There is no better way to experience the diversity and richness of Africa, then through travel. However, if you are unable to travel and experience the luxuries that each country has,  here are some exclusive fashion labels that will allow you to experience Africa.  New York Fashion Week, Africa, and activation via Africa Fashion Week featured premium designers from Africa representing the following countries:




Morocco is a destination of beauty and relaxation (much like its fashion aesthetic).

Morocco has great bathhouses modeled after Turkish or Russian baths called hammams and golf courses; the Royal Dar es Salaam Gold Club in Rabat (one of the finest golf courses in the world).

A fashion designer featuring hand-embroidered needlework famous for its intricate detail and precision called Khadija Mouh of Morocco Caftan New York is a native of Morocco and recently showcased at New York Fashion Week.



Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, is the most populous city filled with activities; festivals, galas, and such. For example, FAFA – Festival for Fashion and Arts- focused on bringing together established and emerging African fashion designers from across the continent at the Oval in Westlands, Nairobi.

Other things to enjoy are restaurants and naturally beautiful sights. The average post safari stop, Carnivore Restaurant, for example, is a place to enjoy a few unique main courses containing Ostrich,  Crocodile, or Zebra.

A way to view Kenya from a broader historical perspective is the Nairobi National Museum displaying various Kenyan tribes, prehistoric artifacts from the area (including three-million-year-old footprints!), and more than 900 stuffed birds and animals.

Whether you’re eating true Kenyan cuisine, shopping the busy streets of East Africa’s Largest city, or planning your next sightseeing trip, there are a few fashion design delicacies that you can add to your tourist-must-have list:

Fashion Designer Hilda Mauya of the Dahil Republic Fashion House was born in Kenya. Hilda Mauya creates everyday couture by combining African-accented fabrics like Ankara with fabrics like Chiffon. Her designs are westernized while preserving her African heritage.

Sally Karago: Kenya Interested in fashion since the age of 12 after watching her neighbor design clothes in Nairobi, Sally Karago is the Managing Director of Mcensal Fashion House. Her designs have mainstreamed Maasai blanket and Kikoi fabric, and have featured porcupine quills in evening wear.


Nigeria has a stunning resort, for the nature-centric traveler located in the town of Obudu called Obudu Mountain Ranch which was previously a cattle ranch, however now is a getaway situated in the Sankwala Mountains, hosting a cable car ride through the mountains and a golf course, as main attractions.

For the city-centered tourist, Victoria Island also has two prestigious hotels (Eko Hotel and Intercontinental Hotel), that hosts formal red [green]-carpet and informal educational events. Events such as Lagos and Design Week

Nestled amongst these beautiful attractions across the country are opportunities to shop and find a few Nigerian fashion labels that may be what you need to complete your trip in style for any occasion. Here are three designers featured during

Anaba Wisdom Chidiebube:

The design label Weiz Dhurm Franklyn, has a style developed by an infusion of different traditional and modern

The design label Weiz Dhurm Franklyn, has a style developed by an infusion of different traditional and modern elements. Each piece created is tailored to the body form and includes hand beaded detailing.

Eki Orleans:

Premier designer at Africa Fashion Week, New York, German-Nigerian Hazel Eki Aggrey-Orleans is the creative force behind high-end based fashion label Eki Orleans. She is inspired by her time spent in Lagos and often chooses patterns and colors that are a remembrance of her childhood and interpretation of nature through her eyes.

Igwedinma Rodney Emeka of McMeka:

He draws inspiration from other designers like Tom Ford and Tiffany Amber. Emeka has always seen fashion as a luxury, which is evident in his designed suits with straight cuts.



Lome, the capital of Togo, has natural beauty Kpalimé

Located an hour and a half from Lomé. Several hills covered in rain forest, with small villages, deep valleys, and stunning waterfalls surrounds Kpalimé. Local guides can arrange hikes of various lengths through the woods, to the peaks of Mount Agou and Mount Kloto, and to the Kpoeta and Tomegbe waterfalls. Once the center of the coffee and cocoa trade, the town still has some impressive colonial buildings, such as the German cathedral and the governor’s house.

Kososhi by Tiagbe, based in Togo premiered for the first time during New York Fashion Week, under the AFW, NY collective featuring 1950s silhouettes with prints and patterns for the African nostalgic.

Perhaps a yummy piece from this label would look greater on a ladies-night-out to Alt Muchen, a famous German foodie-find in Togo.


South Africa

Johannesburg, the financial center of South Africa has rich history and landmarks for travelers to indulge. The Apartheid Museum and the shopping areas of Mandela Square in Sandton and Soweto are exciting. Visiting malls and clothing stores like Burgandy Fly located in Soweto could give you access to local fashion designers.

A well-known fashion designer you may want to research and perhaps indulge in is David Tlale.

After sharing business tips, at Adiat Disu & Associates’ Master Class “Off The Runway,” hosted onsite of the United Nations Foundation, Tlale showcased his Fall 2014 Collection at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

His reputation and self-titled collection is inspired by African heritage but conceived to be modern, edgy, and authenticity.



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