Career Lessons From 3 Year Olds

A lot of us spend an incredible amount of money on improvement seminars and books by best-selling authors, all in a bid to improve our careers. These are good moves, but as it turns out, we might be ignoring the very ones that have a lot to teach us.

Here are a few things we can learn from our toddlers without paying a dime. Though we do have to buy paint for that white wall, they just sketched their spaceship on.


1. Let go

So much can happen in a day. Task-intensive projects, harsh bosses, cranky secretaries and all that. It’s unlikely that one or two people will not get on your nerves while all this craziness ensues. It happens. If it needs to be addressed, then do so appropriately but if not, let it go. Don’t carry it around your neck for days. It will weigh you down and make you look like a big baby.

2. Aww So Cute…Show Off: never be too timid to show off

Toddlers are famous for showing off. They won’t stop dancing because you walked into the room or ditch their latest daredevil stunt if you disapprove. They are excited about their new skills and want you to see that. Are you shy about your skills? Perhaps you design, organize or possess leadership skills and you are hiding it because you are afraid of being shut down. Show off! It might mean a greater responsibility but if it can catapult you to greatness then why not?

3. Sharing Is Caring: share from your lunchbox

Nothing strange about a toddler trying to shove a cookie in your mouth. They love to share and so should you. Try to share your time by volunteering or finding a tangible way to help others. It is a beautiful thing to touch someone else’s life. Check out our article on how philanthropy can help you grow your business.

4. Ask Away: curious is cool

It has become cool to act like we know everything and that never ends well. Kids ask questions about new things because they want to know and that’s how they learn. You might be all grown up, but there’s nothing wrong with seeking clarity or more information about a task assigned to you. It is a lot better than getting a stern lecture and having to do it from scratch. Asking relevant questions at meetings will show that you are paying close attention. Check online if no one is available to answer your questions.

5. Nappy Time: sleep time is key

Work culture has changed radically over the last decade. It’s perfectly reasonable to have people at work in their beds by 2 am from smartphones!

How much sleep are you getting? Sites like are dedicated to spreading the gospel of sleep; it’s value and importance to being better professionals (and humans).

Inadequate sleep might be keeping you from being productive at work or making better decisions. It’s time to lay down the law for yourself to sleep and rest.

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