33 Ways Moms Share They’ve Lost Weight Faster

Don’t give up on losing that mommy weight. Take it easy on yourself. Start with the basic stuff, like watching what you eat and doing the right things. Check out these 33 ways that have helped women all around the world shave those pounds off, without hurting themselves (I still haven’t conquered *19).

  1. Realize the importance of a healthy lifestyle and how being overweight may affect your motherhood experience
  2. Commit to becoming a fitter you
  3. Tell that voice that’s telling you it’s impossible to shut up
  4. Quit Coca-Cola & Ice-cream
  5. Reduce your Sugar consumption by at least 70%
  6. Get used to counting calories and reading labels on your groceries before making any purchases
  7. Don’t fall for any of the Get-Skinny-Quick quack teas that may make you sick while burning a deep hole in your wallet
  8. Understand that ideal weight loss usually results from a combination of mind, strength, exercise and diet
  9. Step up your fruit game (or juice)
  10. Stop buying junk food
  11. Get your family involved. You don’t have to do it alone
  12. Ditch the elevator and take the stairs
  13. Exercise at least 3 days in a week
  14. Take advantage of fitness Instagram handles that show you home workout routines
  15. Stop eating out as much
  16. Don’t skip breakfast
  17. Make lemon water a part of your diet
  18. Never skimp on sleep
  19. Use smaller plates to control your portion
  20. Use supplements to ensure that your diet is balanced
  21. Avoid fried foods & go for grilled, baked or steamed instead. It can taste just as good.
  22. Eat before attending any party so you don’t get tempted by the chocolate fountains and all that stuff you don’t need
  23. Keep almonds & pecans (in sizeable portions) in your car, bedside table and purse
  24. Develop a workout routine and be realistic about it
  25. Avoid sitting too long. Try standing at your desk with the aid of the VARIDESK®  or by raising your PC with a few hardcover books.
  26. Take advantage of free time (time spent while cooking or doing laundry) to do squats, planks and other exercises that don’t need a gym
  27. Get a food accountability partner that spots you with your food already. They encourage, scold and remind you that every day is a new day and you shouldn’t quit just because you drank 2 cokes, one green tea, a pepperoni pizza all by yourself (side eye. I’m Judging You)
  28. Get a great workout playlist
  29. Read Those testimonies about Kegel exercises. They are for real. You can do them anywhere and at any time
  30. Drink lots of water but try reducing the amount as the evening draws near. Aim for 2-3 litres in one day
  31. Stop eating everyone else’s leftovers just to avoid wasting food. Try cooking in smaller quantities instead

Which ones seem like the hardest? Which ones have you conquered already? Leave your comments and let us know.

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