Five Global Tourist Attractions Worth Visiting

Many of us love to travel and experience new places and people. We get inundated by our own mundane lives and want to see the world from a different perspective. The perspective of a complete stranger. Many of us spend fortunes trying to find this experience, and it is often worth it. Here are 7 of the most visited tourist attractions on the face of the earth, you must see:


1. Eiffel Tower

It is not strange to find that we all live for love in one way or the other. It is also no surprise to find that Paris, the city of love, is one of the most visited by tourists every year. The beating heart of Paris is the Eiffel tower. it might be pricey but a visit is worth every dime. Scale up to its very summit for unmatched views of one of the world’s greatest capital cities. This magnificent edifice welcomes an average of over six million people each year.

2. Vatican City

The Vatican City is more of one tourist attraction tucked deep into the recesses of another ancient tourist attraction. Rome has been visited for centuries by people of all cultures from far and wide and now it is home to another, more recent tourist attraction. For those who are more religious, notably devout Catholics, the Vatican is a place that demands reverence. The Sistine Chapel, the Vatican’s jewel, is one of the most visited edifices in the world and an archive of global and catholic history. Its museums hold some of the world’s most precious artifacts.

3. Stonehenge

England’s Salisbury plains in Wiltshire have cradled this ancient worship site for thousands of years. Now one of the most recognizable sites of worship, the site still receives about 800,000 each year. Because the plains are usually overrun by tourists at particular times, it is best to organize a trip through one of the many tour operators.

4. Petra

Ever seen the Indiana Jones Movies?  You would probably recognize this ancient city from some of the scenes. Petra, located in Jordan, is a monument to the architectural genius of its ancient builders. This great city has been intricately carved into rocks named siq.

5. Santorini

The Greek Island of Santorini is the Jewel of the Aegean sea. Its crystal clear, blue water, Oia and blue-domed churches have always caught the eye of travelers from across the globe. Stunning views of the island and surrounding seas are a reward that awaits eager travelers. The Island is a huge attraction for tourists on cruise vacation travels across Europe.  

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