Seven Ways to Stay in Your Budget While Visiting Paris

A trip to Paris isn’t exactly known for being cheap, and the prices just seem to keep rising with each passing season. Don’t give up on that trip yet though, there are several activities for  couples in the city of love without having to part with a small fortune. Here are 7 things to do on a budget holiday in Paris.


1. See (and selfie in front of) the Street Art

 If you happen to be an art lover, the Rue Denoyez is the place to be. The neighborhood’s array of urban and street art is one of the most famous in Europe. The parc de belleville, which is only a walking distance up the hill, also offers a panoramic view of the entire city of Paris.


2. Tour the Saint Suplice church

If you’re into grand cathedrals, you’ll probably know Paris is famous for the Notre Dame cathedral, though Notre dame might be one of the most famous cathedrals, it certainly isn’t the only one. Thanks to Dan Brown’s  famous book ” The Da Vinci code”, Notre Dame now has a rival. Another great cathedral to visit for no charge is the Saint Suplice church.


3.  Step into the European middle Ages

    Ever wondered what it was like to live in the middle ages? Well, you can take a step back into the past by visiting Le Marais a relatively untouched neighborhood of Paris. Many of the buildings retain their looks from the middle ages after having escaped much of the early 19th century renovation work. it might not be the real thing but it’ll give you a taste of what Paris was like in the days of Napoleon Bonaparte.


4. Visit the Marais Museum

    A visit to the museum at Marais is any history buff’s dream. Best of all, the permanent collections are free. A tour of the museum’s collection is a virtual walk through the story of the city. The museum is especially rich in artifacts belonging to the era of the french revolution. If you’re interested in that era, a tour of the Museum is a must do.


5. Walk the narrow cobbled streets of Montmartre

    Montmartre is home to many famous spots like Sacre Coeur basilica and place du tertre, a spot often visited by some of the most renowned artists in european history. Place du tertre is still a hotbed for aspiring artists.


6.  Find Solitude at the Promenade Plantee

   A former railroad line that was abandoned and then renovated in the 1980’s, the promenade plantee offers an up close and personal view of parisian architecture. The 4.7 kilometer pathway was briefly featured in the romantic movie “before Sunset.” It gives a quiet yet unique view of paris’ neighborhoods.


7. Walk the banks of the Siene by sunset.

Nothing evokes the feeling of romance more than a stroll by the Siene by sunset. The river captures the essence of the city. There are 37 bridges across the river at different points , any of which offer scenic views and backgrounds to take memorable pictures.

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