Meet Shaina West: The Real Life Superhero Creating Opportunities for WOC She's a real fighter and she has the scars to prove it.

Photo: Courtesy of Shaina West

Due to films blatant lack of representation when it comes to showcasing powerful WOC (Women of Color), it’s not hard to believe that when you envision a superhero, a strong Black woman is the last image you envision. While it may be unfortunate, the truth is that Black women are often type-casted for loud and “ghetto” roles, but one young actress is on a mission to make a change in how WOC are cast.

Known as “The Samurider,” Shaina West, is a real-life superhero and she’s got the story to prove it.

“I’m fighting to change the stigma around black women because we are warriors. I’m fighting the stigma for all women because we are goddesses and we need to recognize this in ourselves then society will follow suit,” Shaina West revealed to Hueish.

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The 23-year-old Ghanaian London native is not only a certified personal trainer and a self-taught martial artist, she is also an aspiring stunt actor on a mission to knock down stereotypes on the big screen and prove once and for all that #blackgirlmagic does exist in far more roles than the sassy best friend.

Shaina has proven that she is a fighter, literally. At the age of 21, the budding star sustained severe injuries concluding a motorcycle misadventure that left her with a broken thumb and fractured neck.

Adding insult to Shaina’s severe physical injuries, she also endured a broken heart after her boyfriend broke up with her while she was hospitalized after her accident.

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The self-proclaimed Samurider was determined to recover using the strength and poise of her favorite animes as her inspiration. Her love for anime came from her older brother. “He’s my only sibling, so I probably developed more “boyish” interests like video games, comic book heroes, and anime from him.”

The certified personal trainer was committed to getting back into her favorite gym located in South London to teach herself (with the help of YouTube) martial arts.

The martial artist has since made a full recovery and today she is training to become a professional stunt actor working with samurai swords and staffs. She continues to practice martial arts in addition to acrobatics, gymnastics, and synchronized fight choreography.

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Shaina’s message is clear: “I want to inspire people to break free from their restricted, inhibited lives and do what they love. No excuses, no fear.”

We are excited to see what’s next for this rising talent. Check out Shaina’s video and see this bad girl in action!

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