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How often do you take care of yourself? How often do you make it a priority to slow down and just enjoy your own company?  Today, it’s no longer considered selfish and self-centered to care about anyone but one’s self.  Self-care is a topic deserving more attention because it allows us to hit the re-start button and positively reflect on our lives. It’s super easy to focus on everything that’s wrong with our lives; therefore, raising our stress level and possibly leading to depression. In an article written by Healthline, an estimated 121 Million of people suffer from some form of depression. With such alarming numbers, it is only appropriate that we dedicate some time to the subject by providing 14 sites promoting self-care:


21 Ninety

Inspired by the number of days it takes to form new habits, and the number of days it takes to form a new lifestyle, the site is the digital spot for women of color to learn about beauty, wellness and health. The 21 Ninety woman is bold and not afraid to be adventurous. The site is colorful, simple and built around the 21 Ninety woman communities. In one article 6 Mindful Tips for Meditation While Running, the author shares a few tips aimed to better your daily run. Because running and meditating have been proven to reduce depression, the article focuses on ways to do both at once.


Self-care also includes feeding your body with good nutritional food. Sakara takes the second place on our list as a platform that is a call to all the foodies worldwide. It believes in healthy food, practicing gratitude and feeling sexy.  If you ever wished for an upscale organic online shop, Sakara is the place for you. The site offers meals delivery and menus one can easily re-create. It also has a clean boutique section where you can buy anything from popcorn to detox water. If you are in search of meals preparation ideas, check out their Week of April 17 menu and thank me later.


Black Girl In Om

An online publication featuring holistic wellness and inner beauty, the site is a mecca of DIY recipes, podcasts, events, etc. The site is a haven from our daily routine, and gives us the opportunity to unwind in a stress-free environment. The articles are well written and give practical advice. I fell in love with their body section and specifically their article on 3 All Natural DIY masks featuring items from our pantry. I actually tried the Honey-Cinnamon recipe: AMAZING.



I do not know about you, but the thought alone of dealing with Mother Nature monthly gets me mad all the time. Also, there is always some level of anxiety when having questions on the subject, which is the reason why I am grateful for HelloFlo. The site offers information on parenting, pregnancy, sex life and much more.  I must say that the shop and classes sections are my favorite along with the Ask Dr. Flo.



There is no blue print to wellness and Mindbodygreen combines multiple areas of life to provide us with advice on living healthier and better lives. Their approach is a combination of western medicine and holistic practices because they understood that both methods work well together. The site features healers, doctors, and renowned chefs to teach and encourage people on a healthier journey.  Because spring cleaning should not only apply to our closets, I am glad to share this article on a 3 days cleanse aimed at resetting your mind, body and spirit.

Nourish + Bloom

Nourish + Bloom is another site focusing on health, and wellness, and treating the body as a sacred temple.  What’s setting them apart is their attention to details when it comes to their products. They are renown for working with FDA approved manufacturers only, and using organic whole products into making their products.  The one stop shop features plant – based meal replacements along with multi – vitamins. I enjoyed reading their article on Digital Detox because it helped me realize how important it is  to cut back from the world, and enjoying our own company.



You probably know the founder Hamamat as the beautiful spirit behind the greeting “Hello Kings, and Queens”, and the glowing contagious smile. Because the body, and especially the skin can serve as indicators on our well-being, the site features natural products for beautiful youthful skins. Just like Cleopatra with her milk regiment, aren’t we all looking for ways to stop our aging process? Well with the natural, raw, and unprocessed ingredients used into the making of her products, we may just have a shot. Try out her Shea Butter Cream, and learn about the nut’s benefits.



MyBrownBox is one of those sites that just bring a smile to your face. Not only does it talk about wellness, self-care and fitness, but it also touches on topics such as music, hair, etc. The platform aims to create memorable experiences through posts and visuals.  Because self-care should not cost us a whole kidney, read their article on creating a self-care kit in the comfort of your own house, and start enjoying it perks.



If you have ever looked at your body in disgust in the mirror and wish to feel better about your reflection, Sonima is the site for you. It promotes the elevation of the body through guided mediations, yoga, video tutorials and nutritious recipes. The Sonima foundation, born from the site, not only serves adults but reaches over 15,000 children across 34 states.  In This is where positive thinking begins, you will learn how a change of mindset can positively impact your life.


Soul Style Beauty

The site has a rather interesting approach on self -care because it brings in the element of divinity. The founder Emari, not only talks about her faith in finding balance in her life, but also beauty and fashion. She is a firm believer that all those facets of live and work together to create a healthier life. The site welcomes everybody and strives on honesty and raw emotions. In True life of an overthinker, she shares a few tips on getting out of our own way by quieting our mind, slowing down, and eating healthier.


 Tiny Buddha

Founded in 2009, Tiny Buddha has emerged as a leading resource for peace and happiness worldwide. With our chaotic lives, we welcome the peace brought by the numerous articles found on the site. Though based on Buddhism principles, it is not a religious website and welcome people of all faith.  It promotes happiness, mindful living and personal growth, through self-love and spirituality. The article The healing power of self-care sheds light on the importance of taking care of ourselves to overcome anxiety and other disorders we may encounter.


 Yogi Approved

I am not a yogi, but I am extremely happy to have found this site, and even more excited sharing it with you. The site is filled with content on mindfulness, health & wellness and spiritually, along with some awesome yogi posts.  It also offers videos tutorials, and classes for those incline to getting into yoga as a form of relaxation.  I recently implemented a new daily routine to minimize my stress levels after reading their article on How to relieve stress, and have noticed amazing changes already.


The Everygirl

Our obsession with this site can be explained by the copious amount of information one can found on there. It goes from brushing on topics on home décor, culture, wellness, and even career tips. With my incessant need to always put myself down, their article on What to tell yourself when you feel behind in life was nothing short of amazing.


The Blissful Mind

The author of the site, Catherine, puts an emphasis on self-acceptance, personal growth and intentional living. On the site, you will posts on finding balance, following your instinct and living intentionally. Another concept mentioned and is booming nowadays, is the one of minimalism. If you are slightly curious about it and would like to learn about its benefits in your life, check out this article. Considering the amount of clusters in our life, why not give it a shot?


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