Marketing Lessons From Gossipers Sip Lemonade. Less Tea.

Beyonce’s album Lemonade dropped.

Against the backdrop of social media, many attached electrifying images, charged with gossip-filled memes using Jay Z’s face and his not-so-welcomed reaction to his wife’s lyrics.

However, we feel the record deals mostly with Beyonce being human and not slandering her husband, father, or black men. While many are going crazy over the recent album release and some are assuming the record is about Beyonce and Jay Z’s relationship “fail,” I learned a few marketing lessons from gossipers. As important, a few of these lessons can be used in career, marketing, and all communications strategies:


Tell Your Story

Find the right medium to tell your story as clearly and concisely as possible. Beyonce, did just this by releasing her album on social (instead of traditional platforms).

Be Honest

There is no great story that stands, then one backed by truth. When you are truthful, it leaves less room for having to “remember details.” Consistency in your story is key. Over time, those who are meant to be a part of your journey will see you as solid and credible.

Stand Up For Yourself

Irrespective of what is being said,  never submit to any information that isn’t aligned with who you are or who you are trying to become.

Temper Your Expectations

People are going to talk and quite frankly, some people haven’t caught up to you (yet). Perhaps you use to be a certain way (and changed for the better) or were caught responding to a situation that has roots deeper than the observers (and judges) can see. You can’t expect anyone to walk with you (or in your shoes), especially if they haven’t crawled with you (struggled or gone through your developmental stages). People can only respond to you based on what they’ve experienced with you or are watching from you.


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