5 Things Thou Shall Not Say At Work

Oh, the excitement of a working at a new job, a startup company with a petite team! All that promise and the endless projects to be completed with your tight knit family.  To get work done you need the right dynamics. Part of setting up that dynamic is how we interact with everyone else on the team. 

Perhaps you had to deal with bad vibes at your last job? Well, a new job is a chance to start afresh and prove what you have learned from past mistakes. Here are some things you should definitely not say at your new job:

1. “That’s not how we did it at my former workplace/office”

Then you should have stayed there! You must have left your former company and took this new job because you observed certain qualities in your new employer or recognized great potential in that role. Organizations are run by individuals whose preferences vary when it comes down work principles. Keep an open mind when understudying for your new job and embrace new methods. Any knowledge gained will be yours forever and no one can take that from you.

2. “How soon can I get a raise?”

You probably discussed and agreed on terms of your pay during your interview and orientation. Now focus on getting the job done and making yourself indispensable to your team.

3. “Sorry but I will have to close early (cough, cough everyday)”

This one might get your bosses riled up. You just came on board and are already finding reasons to leave early? If you absolutely have to leave earlier for some reason then let your new boss know before you resume properly there’s an important reason to get off work early. Don’t expect your boss or colleagues to like it, though. More reason why you will need to pull your weight and make an undeniable impact on your team.

4. “I don’t know how to do that. Is it even possible?”

Madame or sir, listen it was part of your job description . This is the quickest way to find yourself in a working environment that’s less than pleasurable. Prepare to throw yourself wholeheartedly into every task without giving any excuses. Don’t be discouraged if it seems challenging instead reach out to other people who have more experience and will be willing to help. Don’t feel too proud to reach out to others to help you.

See why a rich professional network is so important?

5. “I don’t think I’ll be here long”

What! Really? You went through the entire recruitment process and cost the company to bring you on board. Your team’s happy to have another pair of hands/brain and looking forward to your contribution then you drop this bombshell? You might have said this in confidence but trust me when I say word will get out and there will be hell to pay. Don’t get so busy that you stop giving a thought to your words.

And it’s no use been that guy who says the wrong things and spends the next 3 months trying to explain them away.

Please leave us a comment if you think we have missed out on any.


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