Messy Buns: Why Zendaya’s Hair Opens Up Discussions Around Bias, the Grooming Gap and ‘Casual Racism’ In Corporate America From Weaves to Workplace to Whatever the Hell I feel Like Doing To My Hair

Zendaya’s hair opens up discussions about what women of color have to experience in Corporate America around bias, the grooming gap and ‘Casual Racism.’ Critic’s Choice Awards on January 12, 2020, the…

Cost of Culture: A Corporate Black Woman’s “Worthiness” Evaluated After Tyler Perry’s Work Ethic Brag Triggered Twitter Backlash

Perry’s digital display of “work ethic” placed a spotlight upon a silent burden carried by blacks and other people of color (inclusive of immigrants) for years. The burden comes from the ancestral…

Black-ish Star Tracee Ellis Ross’ Golden Globes Speech Gave Birth To Hueish Our Mission Hue-ish, Black-ish, You-ish, so much ish!

“Reflective media. Non-checking-of-boxes media. Yep. We’re changing the career,  media and marketing landscape with an emphasis on inclusivity and cultural mobility.”- Founder of Hueish. Her first time at the Golden Globes Tracee…


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