Biodun Daphrede

Her hue proudly consist of white and green, the colors of her nation's flag. Crowned by Cosmopolitan, Mrs. Daphrede has a passion to help Nigeria's underemployed and young careerists find their way. With a background in Human Resources and writing, she aims to use both to bring attention to the good, the bad, and blessed of her nation.

Jalia Carlton-Carew

Jalia is a freelance beauty writer, deeply involved in empowering the world to see black culture differently. She does this through storytelling, using fashion campaigns, events, and media platforms. As a senior in High school (Arabia Mountain High School ), she founded and represents a Fashion Club that promotes designers of various ethnicities.

Nate Sterling

News and Lifestyle Editor

Nate Sterling hails from a colorful media background, working with the likes of lifestyle, travel and wellness platforms such as Toovia, Fitness Republic, and Cosmopolitan. He enjoys covering topics that are multicultural, diverse, and socially impactful.

Hueish Staff

Startup Squad

Digital destination for multicultural leaders + entrepreneurs. Daily inspiration + growth hacking tips. For Multi-Cultural Corporate Professionals, Startup Owners, Entrepreneurs, Social Orgs, and Leaders (slayers if you're nasty).

Eat Pray Moms

Created by a Millennial Mom for Millennial Moms, this resource is loaded with tons of stuff crafted and curated to help all women. Men are welcome too! We understand that the millennial mom is in a unique situation, facing changing times and fighting a unique identity battle. We are here for women that don’t want to be just one thing, the moms that want Me time, the women who are dying to bitch (Dear Jane, just give us a time & place), the ones torn between advice from Grandma and Doctor, the ladies who will get fit or die tryin’, the ones who do differently from their moms but haven’t forgotten how their moms did it and the ones who want to give their daughters better chances and teach their sons new ways to be men. We are here for dads who get it, dads trying to get it and the undecided. We are all work and all play, touching on entertainment, health, finances, entrepreneurship, savings, breastfeeding, careers, parenting, adventure, pop culture, politics, sexuality and race.

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