What Is Hueish

A play on Black-ish, an American sitcom television series, Hueish talks about the intersection of cultures and life. For co-founders, Hueish is showing how culture intersects with everyday life as well as diversifying how media is presented.

“Our team members come from media, retail, and tech backgrounds and realized the same thing across all industries. We talk about diversity and inclusion, but once we’re all in the same space, no one shares or creates opportunities where we actually interact together. ” Segregation (even within the most “diverse” spaces), exists.

Even when we get different people in a space, you’ll find that people naturally create groups that are homogenous.

What message does that send to people out there from different identities, working in the industry or interested in breaking in?

This digital community makes learning about cultures (especially in creative spaces) accessible and relevant. If you’re looking for an informative, witty and relevant conversation for your morning commute, Hueish is your best friend.


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Hueish is a lifestyle + digital media company focused on featuring the cultures and movements of millennial creators, makers, and entreprenuers.


HUEISH Journal: a digital platform empowering every shade of creators, makers, and entreprenuers through their personal stories and diaries.


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