Luxury Bags Made From Leaves, Wood & Stone by FORREST sticks and stones may break my bank

A spotlight on one of Asia’s most cross-cultural creative talent, Sept Chutamas Pakittirat who owns FORREST, a nature-centric fashion brand that brings together natural materials such as leaf, wood, and stone to provide shoppers with watches, bags, and other lifestyle accessories.

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Many of us have either lived, aspired to live or currently live an urban life. FORREST:  a lifestyle brand has figured out a way for us to carry nature with us- no matter where we live. Specially made for those who can’t escape the hustle and commercial bustle of the big city- check out these luxury bags made from leaves, wood, and stone.

FORREST is an accessories brand that endears to nature and the materials provided by it. They’ve dedicated their life (style) to connecting people with nature AND the founder is incredibly inspirational to our Econistas community.  Here’s why:


Last week FORREST STORE  launched its FORREST Bag collection on Kickstarter and fully funded their campaign in just 1 hour.

See at




The FORREST Bag collection is available in Wood, Leaf and Stone Editions, each different … each a unique expression of beauty and quality. Each edition includes a mini,  a shoulder bag, and a backpack. 

They are the nature-centric fashion brand that brings together many natural materials such as Leaf, Wood, and Stone etc. by using a special technique for each material.

Their products mix ultra-modern design with nature. FORREST seamlessly blends them together to provide a strong sense of connection to nature.

They’ve developed a breakthrough design process that uses real leaves, wood, and stone in their bags … without sacrificing durability, flexibility or function. These award-winning luxury accessories seamlessly blend natural elements, science, high-end textiles, elegant fabrics, and supple leather into one amazing product. The result is a connection between the wearer and nature, one, unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

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Wood Shoulder by FORREST

Wood Mini by FORREST

Wood Backpack by FORREST


Leaf Shoulder by FORREST

Leaf Mini by FORREST

Leaf Backpack by FORREST



Stone Shoulder by FORREST

Stone Mini by FORREST

Stone Backpack by FORREST

Naturally Gifted

Sept Chutamas Pakittirat is the Founder and Creative Designer of Forrest Store Co.,Ltd’s birthday is coming up!  Born on 29 September 1989, this innovative star has been recognized by many within 2 years of launching- crowned as Vogue Who’s on Next2017 and the Thai Aim Awards 2016.

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