13 Sustainable Bags ‘Carry’ On A Mission

There’s more than one use for carrying bags; carrying groceries, alternative handbag, etc. Careful not to further contribute to climate change, there are slow fashion brands that are creating sustainable products for the eco-conscious. Here is a list of the top seven brands you should consider buying!

1. Sarep + Rose

The brand was founded by Liberian Robin Sirleaf. They get their leather that is sourced, cut and sewn from Africa. On their website, they write about Sirleaf saying “Sarep & Rose is her own contribution to generating honest and sustainable job opportunities for local artisans, supporting Africa’s economic growth and education and forging a new path into the future.”

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2. Okapi

Named after the beautiful animal native to Africa, you can get the luxury feel with the promise of sustainability. They aim to “give further purpose and use to these often disregarded and forgotten materials by creating functional, leather and horn masterpieces.” Materials include free-range livestock such as ostrich and blesbok.

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3. Zaaf Collection

Zaaf Collection is based in Africa and is committed to an ethos that includes sustainability.  All of the leather and cloth to make these bags are 100% Ethiopian sourced.

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4. Bush Princess

This brand is based out of Kenya, Africa – allowing them to feature the intricate designs of local artisans. Founder Charlotte Lefebvre fell in love with collecting handbags as a child. She then fell in love and moved around the world – settling in Africa and starting her sustainable business.

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5. Hamethop

Tsakani Mashaba founded this South African-based brand to “explore the diversity of African art, textiles, architecture, and urban environments.” They also write, “Hamethop presents itself as a harmonized, multi-faceted brand that has an identifiable voice and aesthetic. Each style references an intrinsic thought process allowing the buyer to invest in an entire story, not just a material piece.”

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6. Minku

Minku has a focus on inclusivity with options for men’s, women’s, and genderfluid browsing. All of the fabric they use is loomed in the Yoruba region of Nigeria, which they use to line their products. They also have an option to customize your piece.

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6. Suave Kenya

This brand cites its inspiration as being Gikomba, which is the largest flea market in East Africa. It allows people to repurpose old clothes and fabrics before they end up in a landfill. Suave repurposes old fabrics such as denim to give new life to the fabric.

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7. Zashadu

On their website, they write, “All our pieces are created at our workshop in Lagos, Nigeria, by a team that upholds and revives traditional techniques that have been passed down through the centuries. We believe in high quality, beautifully and painstakingly crafted pieces created in a way that ensures the advancement and growth of our artisans, community, and materials.”

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8. Wolf & Maiden

Wolf & Maiden creates luxury bags out of the highest grade sustainable materials. They create their beautiful bags “using hand waxed linen thread on the finest French calf-skin Barenia, these water-resistant and scratch-proof artifacts will evolve and patina over the many decades of use.”

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9. Teaspoon Boutique

This sustainable brand is based in Washington D.C. but all of the products are made out of Senegal. It’s owned by Teneasha Pierson and has been featured in Moon Look.

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10. Ilundi Designs

There are no sewing machines used to make these bags. They explain the process on their website, writing, “Ilundi products are labors of love. They can take up to 14 hours to make by hand. Every hole is hand punched and every stitch hand sewn. No sewing machines are used. We prefer to do things with just our hands, which is the hard way but also the best way. We sew our products with the reliable saddle stitch, which is one of the oldest stitches used in leather-work. It is much stronger than the lock stitch used in sewing machines. We use waxed thread for extra durability and added wear protection.”

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11. Kona

Kona was founded by sister duo Bhavya Kalsi and Nimisha Kalipurayath in 2013. The name Kona means “corner” in three different languages: Swahili, Luganda, and Hindi. All of the pieces in this collection are “handmade by local artisans using a variety of traditional techniques.”

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12. Khokho

“At Khokho we believe in creating a deeper impact within the local communities. We partner with women weavers from the Ntondozi region of eSwatini to provide sustainable opportunity and fair wages in areas of limited economic prospect. We aim to support the empowerment of each artisan and her family, as well as give women greater security, prosperity, and self-purpose,” they write on their website.

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13. Purse for the People

To combat the domination of the fast-fashion tactic in the industry, Purse for the People creates a bag that has a more sustainable business plan. Carol Murphy spoke with Green Girl Leah about the detrimental impact of the fashion industry and how shopping sustainably can help against the horrible environmental impact.

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