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Many people believe that working from home is easier and less stressful. Many freelancers would be quick to debunk this idea. Working from home is definitely not a stroll in the park.

Are you a new freelancer just discovering this truth for yourself? Wondering how to fight the urge to binge watch season 1 and 2 of Black Ink Crew, or loiter around Instagram, Twitter, and any of the other time thieves that can stump deadlines?

Here are five surefire ways to get you meeting goals, while working from home:

To-do lists 

They act as reminders and are a great way to prioritize.

The trick is to make a weekly to-do list just before new week starts and a daily one, the night before starting off your day. They might sound old-school but they work, especially if you are target-specific about them. Ordinary notepads and excel sheets can do the work but you can definitely try, a free, award-winning task list app that is easy to use, adds reminders and will sync your to-do list with your browser option.

Breakfast is invaluable 

Avoid skipping Breakfast (yeah, with a capital “B.” That’s how important it is) just because you have a deadline. Breakfast is important to give you necessary strength.  Just be sure to eat moderately so you don’t start feeling funny later.

Stay far away from ‘the maddening crowd’ 

If you haven’t mastered the art of ignoring social media while working from home then you might have to turn your internet off for a certain length of time (when you are not in need of it) so you can focus on achieving quality results.

Turn the internet off for long period of time to accomplish goals.

Change scenery

There are no rules against changing your location to keep your juices flowing.

Try changing rooms if you have that luxury and if you don’t then you can move things around a bit just to give your home office a different feel.

Take a walk 

Take a walk during a break. It can be as short as 10 minutes, indoors or outdoors.

You can also try doing a few easy stretches. You probably shouldn’t get on your treadmill or head to the gym, though.

Keep lunch break exercises gently so you don’t wind up exhausted and distracted for the rest of the day.

Have we missed any? Feel free to list them in the comment section below.




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