Foods that Produce Mucus and How to Combat Mucus-Buildup

With the coronavirus making its way around the world, people are sharing tips and tricks to help break up the mucus and the phlegm that builds up in your respiratory system.

 Some mucus is good, it helps keep bacteria and dust from entering the body, but too much of it is hazardous. To avoid mucus buildup, here are some foods and beverages to stay away from and clear those airways.

Dairy Products (Cheese, Milk, Butter, etc.)

These products have a distinct protein called casein. This protein is particularly hard to digest and increase the secretion of mucus in the system. Lactose is also a mucus-producing molecule.

Red Meat

Same with dairy products, red meat is high in protein. Proteins cause uncomfortable mucus buildup in the throat. Stick to buying organic meats or sticking to different sources of proteins like fish or poultry.


Alcohol or Soda

Drinks with high amounts of caffeine activate that allergy-attacking response. Black tea, coffee, soda, and beer are not the best if trying to stay away from mucus-producing foods.

If you feel like there is too much mucus in your body, here are some foods that are good to break down that mucus.

Foods that are high in fiber are proven to reduce coughs with phlegm, according to this Singaporean study. Also try foods like cucumbers, broccoli, carrots, apples, berries, ginger, greens to settle that cough.

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