The Most Annoying Types of Colleagues Don't be that person

For a few months, we’ve been really busy, listening to young professionals spill on an unavoidable issue- Annoying colleagues!

This article is meant to make us realize how some of our habits might be holding us back. Here’s what we were told:

Mr. Know-it-all

“There’s this colleague of mine who thinks he knows everything. He does know some things but he never accepts when he’s wrong. Last Friday, my friend and I were chatting when he came over to say I was pronouncing the word weird wrong. Sometimes I just wish he would quit or disappear or something!”

Mr. Know-nothing-at-all

“We have a lady who just got employed in our department. She never gets an answer right and she never has anything productive to say. All she does is wear layers of makeup and hair but there’s nothing to prove she has a master’s degree. I’m beginning to think the degree is a lie.”

‘Food’ pecker

“The most annoying person in my office is this guy who is always picking out of everyone’s plate in the lunchroom. He is always missing when we place our food orders at noon but manages to show up when we are eating.”


“Gosh. I feel bad saying this, but since you asked… Pregnant ladies who spit into cups at their desks. There has to be some other way, some other method that is less annoying. I am a man and I am not sure how the whole thing works but I’m sure it can’t be hygienic.”

Miss Sentimentality

“It’s not one person but some of the ladies in my company. It’s a small consulting firm and they get very sentimental about everything even when our paychecks are on the line. They cry, keep malice and sometimes even gossip with clients about office issues.”

Rated PG

“There’s always some guy who arrives on Monday to talk about his sexual exploits over the weekend. He further delves into how he was able to sweep her off her feet and into his bed? Loud enough for us ladies to hear. I don’t believe he is telling the truth and I think there should be boundaries about what men discuss at work.”

Cradle Robbers

“There’s a man in another department who’s in his thirties and unmarried. He flirts with interns serving with our company and lets them believe he’s serious. The other guys know about it but no-one does anything. I’m thinking of raising the issue with my boss or informing our HR.”

Mr-Mrs Office Stylist 

“There’s no one particularly annoying where I work now but at my last place, there was this guy who loved to give ladies unsolicited advice about hair, makeup, and dressing. He would say things like ‘I can see your strap, it’s pink.’ Or ‘Why didn’t you wear that with a green peplum blouse.’ I finally let him have it the day he told me that my beloved dress didn’t fit me because of my pear-shape! FYI: I AM NOT PEAR-SHAPED!”

Let’s not forget that this list is to keep us considerate about the needs and feelings of our colleagues. There was no way we could finish the list this week so there will be a second post on this subject. You can send us your experiences only If they are different from the ones above.



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