Timeless Interview Blueprint for Big Personalities

In today’s world, everyone seems to have a personality. Social media perpetuates that. Personality can definitely be a plus with recruiters. Most organizations are on the lookout for smart individuals with great personalities to represent their brand. Nevertheless, for those with huge personalities, knowing when to draw the line will be critical in securing that job. Some interviewers are quickly discouraged by a big personality, especially those in their ’40yrs upwards’ set.

Yet, there’s something memorable about a confident interviewee who possesses both intelligence and qualifications. Timid interviewees often find themselves on ‘unofficial probation’ if they get the job because of the amount of scrutiny they are under to see if they can deliver.

Here are four areas to watch for when you carry a BIG personality trait.



Old school rules still apply here. You wouldn’t like to interview someone who is answering your questions with carelessly-crossed legs, would you? A proper posture should be elegant, if legs must be crossed then they should be done correctly. For help on that, Ladies check here. Guys can check out this article here.

Remember not to drop this posture even if you are told to wait in an empty room or if the interviewer excuses himself or herself, you just never know ….



  • No  Gonnas, Wannas, Innits or Kindas in an interview even though it used to be a way of showing that you have lived abroad (like ages ago though.)
  • No eyeball rolling, smirks or sneers. Avoid Hi’s and Hellos to be safe (Many people feel offended when greeted in this manner.)
  • Avoid making inappropriate jokes or comments like complimenting the interviewer on her baby bump before the interview has even started, whipping your phone out to follow him/her on Twitter or asking if her weave is Mongolian or Peruvian!
  • No chewing…on anything, including your tongue!


Breaking basic wardrobe rules can make you seem cocky too. Wearing tinted glasses of any kind, too much jewelry, neon colors or flashy nail polish may distract the interviewer, drawing attention away from things of importance and casting you in an unfavorable light.


Sometimes interviewers adopt the less formal ‘chat’ method while asking very tricky questions. It’s easy to get carried away. Especially with questions like Tell us about your last job or the ultimate tricky question, Tell us about yourself. For this reason, it’s important to master the art of tooting your horn without being annoying. There’s no need to bring up how some of your co-workers hate you because you are beautiful or how a former boss told you she’s in love with you or that kind of stuff. Do not speak ill of your past or current employer or organization. Running others down will only lead to more questions and might get you labeled a troublemaker as well.

Many interviewers can see through feigned confidence.  Do your research before your interview and find out all you can about products, services, the company and the job description of the advertised position. Confidence and preparation go hand in hand.

An interview is always a chance to show off your personality and make a lasting impression so make the best of it.

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