Meet Fashion Entrepreneur Hassan Alfaziz

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Hassan Alfaziz’s vision for Hazza, his burgeoning brand is to gain global recognition for ethical, contemporary, and urban designs made in Africa.

Hassan Alfaziz caught our attention with his culturally inspired, yet modern designs.  Hueish explored every bit of this delightful collection and the message each piece conveys. For example, a few of his collection items (if not all) gave tribute to a mother’s struggles and her devotion to her children’s’ success. The playful and almost unbelievable nature of this love connection is depicted in its structured pieces, strong pockets, and hand-painted art. Let’s not forget what can be termed a battle-ready quality that is evident in every piece.

We dug deep to discover how Hassan Alfaziz has converted even the most skeptical of critics into strong believers and created an army of supporters.

Hueish: How would you describe your childhood and what are some of your favorite memories? 

Fashion Entrepreneur Hassan Alfaziz:

Growing up wasn’t rosy because of the dynamics that can come with a broken home. I lived with my paternal grandmum for most of those years and that hurt because I would have given anything to have my mother and father living together. Children always seem to find a means of escape into their own world, where they make memories of their own. My favorite memories were the days I spent playing soccer with my cousins and friends, playing Cops and Robbers , Chaskele, Pilolo and other local games.

Hueish: Would you ascribe your creativity to anyone in your family (creatives, artists, etc.)?

Fashion Entrepreneur Hassan Alfaziz:

Not really. I’ve been crazy about the Arts since I was a child because it was a source of happiness for me, but I was influenced by a friend who made us build houses and make footwear with cardboard.

Hueish: When was your lightbulb moment? That moment you realized that you had a special talent? 

Fashion Entrepreneur Hassan Alfaziz:

My talent became clear after Junior High School when I would purchase plain T-Shirts and customize them with acrylic paints or put my own spin on their style.

Hueish: What catapulted your desire for design? 

Fashion Entrepreneur Hassan Alfaziz:

In 2014 I attended a Ghanaian art festival known as Chalewote Festival, and I was wearing a constructed tattered shirt with safety pins I had designed and tailored myself. It literally turned heads and earned me so many admirers that I actually sold that shirt that very day to some guy. Had no choice. Ther