Brand Building Blueprint: How to Create An Immortal Brand

If you want to build and strengthen your brand in the twenty-first century, you need more than guerrilla marketing, grassroots promotions, and digital banner ads. 
Profitable and purposeful brand creation will be essential to entrepreneurs in today’s crowded and technology-driven market; where multiple services and products (even counterfeits) are aggressively vying for your clients and world is swiftly changing.  Workable and thoughtful marketing models will need to be created to support sturdy and long-living brands. The following is a blueprint for those that want to build long-lasting (immortal) brands.

Stop trying to create demand. Your brand must fulfill a desire

If there is one thing my experience has taught me is that creating demand is a lie. If no one needs “it” (right now), relax. The best marketers and the best brands satisfy real needs (emotional, physical, or actual). There are exceptions to this rule (like anything in this world), however, those exceptions either come with luck or well-researched and enlightening marketing appeal.

Tell your brand story

People can care less about what you do. However, why you do it gets hearts, wallets, and minds to open. Tell your story; have a clear understanding of why you’re selling a product, service or idea. Yes. Define your purpose, and have us fall in love with you.

Create a brand culture

Culture is the God of all great brands. Cultures are created by groups that share similar lifestyle patterns,  values, dreams, and views of the world. Building a brand with the understanding of culture is a sure way of integrating with consumers lives, and becoming a long lasting (desirable) brand.

Select your brand’s media

Media the plural form of medium. A medium is a means of doing something. In the case of branding, your mediums are live-streamed events, broadcast radio, television, newspapers, internet (blogs, social media accounts), pretty much any means of mass communications.  In order to select the right form of media, knowing your target audience is essential.

Collaborate with brands, bloggers, publicists, and influencers

Perhaps you’re developing a global brand?  Identifying influencers; publicists, marketing professionals, and or bloggers in new markets that relate to your story will be key. In the case of influencers (especially bloggers), align your brand with other complimentary brands through guest blog posts, social media takeovers and or running contests. Collaborations on value-filled giveaways, for example, not only expand your reach but also allow you to connect with various people who may desire your offerings. By providing the aforementioned items for their audience, you open doors for:

a. Future collaborations because you’re helping bloggers attract users to their blogs
b. A promotional machine, because bloggers will naturally promote you when pushing giveaways to their users
c. Gain prospects who test (and possibly get addicted) to your offerings

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