Africa Joins Global Economy with Eunice Omole, EbonyLife TV

For those abroad, traveling to Africa has never been easier. Viewers all over the world simply have to tune into EbonyLife TV’s new show—HELLO AFRICA, which debuts June 11, 2016, following hostess Eunice Omole as she takes on new guests and African cultures every week.

She has a line-up of some of the more exciting and entertaining Africans to grace her show over the next several months. She’ll get the lowdown from the most promising stars in the African Diaspora ranging from music to acting, while also focusing on a bevy of human interest tales in fashion, news, politics, and business. Omole noted that Hello Africa is attempting to “change the misconceptions of Africa and Africans around the world.”

Some recent developments have enabled Africa to join the global economy and to benefit (instead of merely benefiting others) from globalization:

  • Many of the citizens of its countries are expressing interest in the sort of education and technology opportunities that are found throughout the rest of the world.
  • The individual and collective efforts of groups in various realms of business–real estate, finance, media, private equity and others–are being regularly highlighted by EbonyLife TV
  • EbonyLife TV has recently hired Eunice Omole as its Chief Strategy Officer and weekly host of Hello Africa, a bold new television program highlighting the myriad resources and communities that support them from nations throughout Africa.

Omole brings a formidable amount of business value and experience to both Hello Africa and EbonyLife TV. Her numerous accomplishments in the corporate world include a multitude of successes in various aspects of sales, banking, real estate, and entrepreneurship throughout North America, Europe, Asia, and yes, even Africa. She has been honored in the Global Top 40 Under 40 Nigerian Female Professionals by the Nigerian Professional International organization and as one of Ladybrille Magazine’s 20 Influential African Women Entrepreneur & Leaders in America. She was the founding board of director of Ere City Microfinance Bank in Ere-Ijesa, Nigeria, and is currently on the Board of Trustees for Run for a Cure Africa, a philanthropic organization dedicated to health care access for African women.

Omole is spearheading EbonyLife TV’s overall corporate strategy. In addition to hosting Hello Africa and interviewing a plethora of African trailblazers in business, media, fashion, the arts, and more, she is orchestrating sponsorship efforts with various advertisers and others in partnership with the EbonyLife TV. Her leadership at EbonyLife TV is helping to provide a bevy of opportunities for both African interests and conventional western ones looking to exploit the marketing and advertising potential of this platform. Guests on the show will include figures who can captivate a broad viewership that advertisers can leverage in market entry.

Eunice’s experience in finance and marketing will help the show to tailor time slots, industrial placements, and product focus in a way that is mutually beneficial to both EbonyLife TV and those that choose to provide sponsorship of Hello Africa.

In particular, Omole has a substantial amount of experience brokering market data solutions that would be of use to those looking to market their products on this channel. EbonyLife TV has a broad audience base that is projected to expand with the June 11 launch of Hello Africa. It is currently viewed in 49 countries in Africa via DStv. It averages approximately 1000 hours of television program every year, of which 80 percent is exclusive to the channel. Thus, this station presents a unique marketing opportunity for those willing to get in on the ground level of the widening interest group of the convergence of Africans and African Americans.

In addition to Omole’s new show, other broadcast features of EbonyLife TV include talk shows, reality television, sports, music, films, lifestyle programming, and more. Popular shows include Married to the Game and The Spot. Under the auspices of EbonyLife TV, Omole is set to transform Africa and its television options with Hello Africa, which will seek to educate viewers about this continent as well as its lasting effects on the world itself.


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