Sweet Victory: What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Pineapples

Being an entrepreneur is tough business. Nine out of ten startups will most likely fail. This statistic is such a bitter pill to swallow; I can barely continue (give me a moment…).

This statistic should serve as a reality check that encourages us to work smarter (and sometimes harder).  It’s also a reminder that during the entrepreneurial process, we should continue to be inspired by anything and everything (yes including failures).

I decided fruit could serve as inspiration, specifically, pineapples (because who doesn’t like pineapples). Here are four lessons entrepreneurs can learn from pineapples:

1. Wear your crown like a pineapple 

As in…own your brilliant business idea, wear it proudly and feel free to tell as much as ten people per day about it. But also understand this.  Only accept a crown you’re ready to carry. Don’t take a crown when you’re not willing to wear the weight of responsibility for it.  The words CEO, president, and even entrepreneur sounds good. But let’s be clear. The amount of painstaking work and growing pains that each position ( I previously mentioned ) goes through, is not for the weak.  To build a business means planting a seed, watering the business, nurturing the business, and protecting it while watching it carefully.

To do those mentioned above, get the necessary education (register to free or paid classes, conferences, and or workshops). Also, surround yourself with those who came before you (those that are willing to help).

2. Be sweet like a pineapple 

Just because the entrepreneurial process is hard and grueling, doesn’t mean your attitude should be the same. Your character will attract—yes, it’s like a magnet—the right people, your helpers. Because of all the stress in both business and personal life, I would get incredibly overwhelmed and sometimes not be the best person to work around.  Bad.

3. Be fruitful like a pineapple 

The purpose of business is not to play pretend business—pass out business cards and or speak at engagements just for fun. You have to be profitable. Yes, bring your sweet dream to life, but don’t forget your pockets (the cash). One way to be fruitful is by identifying your revenue model.

After this, another essential for being fruitful is keeping records of your business activities (especially those that drive the most revenue). After maintaining records of your business activities, be sure to interpret your financial statements.  Your passion will convert to profit when you know your numbers and can explain the figures.

4. Don’t ripen too swiftly and expire like a pineapple 


You have to blend the right amount of work with press, financial management, ideas, and strategy to have a smooth running business. Remember Sonja Morgan, the character on the reality show ‘Real Housewives of New York’?  Albeit sweet as a person, she was portrayed as an extremely delusional ‘entrepreneur.’ Her finances didn’t seem to compare (equate) to the vast empire she had built in her mind. She full-heartedly believed she was a business mogul; a Martha Stewart in the making.

“However, don’t spend time convincing everyone that you’re a mogul, without any work to show for it.”

Positive thinking is essential in building an empire. However, don’t spend time convincing everyone that you’re a mogul, without any work to show for it. Instead, allow the fruits of your labor; your work, experience (successes and failures), and financial statements to show it.




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