How to Uproot the Stress

Stress is a big factor in everyone’s life – no matter how the coronavirus has affected you. Over 22 million Americans are out of work and as of Sunday, April 19, over 165,000 have died because of the coronavirus. As this all unfolds, everyone is not only looking to find ways to relieve stress. But we are also looking to find the root of our stress to better combat it.

Green Girl Leah has a great quote worth mentioning in her post about stress. She writes “All stress comes from wanting something that’s not meant to be yours in that moment. Worry doesn’t make anything come faster, it just speeds up your heartbeat and wears you out. Just breathe, what’s for you will be for you regardless.” 

Leah gives the advice to manage stress by “acknowledging your feelings, processing why you’re feeling them, and taking action or accepting what you can’t control.”

There are different ways that stress manifests and different ways of managing it. She goes on to give different scenarios and ways to manage them.

1. Driving in Traffic

She describes driving on a highway with slow traffic and it makes you late for work. For this she recommends “Take control of your stress and frustration by realizing that you’ll be okay, the slow-down could be protecting you from an accident up ahead. Look at the bigger picture and don’t let that determine the quality of your day.”

2. An Unmotivated Partner

Being with someone who has different goals than you is okay. But someone with no goals at all is a different story. This can leave you feeling frustrated and resentful towards this person. When working with them and trying to help them to be motivated doesn’t work, she offers advice. “you have wants and needs that aren’t being met and you’re stressed because you’ve exhausted a lot of options except realizing your worth.”

3. Waiting – just in general

This is the most stress-inducing part of life. When you’re waiting to hear about a decision being made, your mind can wander to unimaginable places. It could be about anything – a test, an application to school or job, etc. To help keep those demons at bay, Leah suggests finding “peace in knowing it’ll come soon enough and knowing your worth isn’t tied to the outcome.

4. Long term stress – trauma, grief, and loss

As we mentioned, everyone handles stress differently. The same goes for processing grief, loss, and trauma. For this Leah’s advice is “stress is caused by not fully accepting the present which is very normal during bad times. It takes time to mourn and create a new normal.”

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