Tips and Tricks to Avoid Thieves When Traveling Abroad Here's How to Get a Piece of Mind When Traveling to a New Country

Traveling can be the best way to experience cultures. It matters because it provides a chance to break down cultural walls. Contact between different people happens less frequently if you stay in the same place. Allow this experience to be a mind awakening opportunity and a chance for joy. Don’t and we repeat don’t allow thieves to ruin that experience.

1. Leave the Jewelry at Home

While your simple necklace or earrings might be cheap pewter, thieves won’t necessarily know that. In areas where robbery is common, you’re better off skipping the jewelry, no matter how simple it is.


2. Don’t Flash Your Money Around

When you’re trying to figure out foreign money, it is tempting to pull out a wad of bills and try to sort through them. This is an excellent way to let people know that you’re carrying plenty of cash and makes you a target. Keep the majority of your money in a money belt and just a small amount in your wallet or pocket to spend on things.

3. Stay Away from High Risk Areas

Every country has them and most locals can tell you what areas you should avoid. Even if you’re not completely sure, you just need to look around and notice the area you’re walking in. If there are run down houses and broken windows, consider heading back to your hotel.

4. Avoid Traveling After Dark

When possible, you should try to make any journeys during the day, particularly in developing countries. Night gives cover to thieves.

5. Be Extra Vigilant in Crowds

Attending an awesome festival? Hitting the local market? Be aware of your surroundings. In some countries, thieves use razor blades to slit bags and backpacks and extract the contents without the carrier even noticing.

Crowd of people

6. Carry Valuables in Front

Flip your backpack around to the front, wear your purse across your stomach or put your keys in a front pocket. It’s a lot more difficult for someone to get into your stuff when they have to stand in front of you.

7. Leave Irreplaceable Items in a Safe

Most hotels have safes, so you should make use of these while you’re traveling. It is more secure than leaving your possessions in your room where a maid could grab them and far safer than taking your passport and other items into the street.

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