Singer Joe Covers Adele’s Song “Hello” Well...'HELLO" there Joe. Could you hold please? Because I also have Adele on the other line.

R & B artist Joe, who recently announced that he was going to be performing in South Africa with Boyz II Men in December, says he will also be working on new music. To add to the buzz, he created a tribute to Adele’s most popular and most talked about track.

A few weeks ago, the British singer Adele had the internet swooning over her breakup song “Hello.” Some added it to their love song collections and other responded on youtube with customized variations or general responses (refrain from asking which group I fell into ). But of course one of those who responded to the buzz was Ellen Degeneres via The Ellen Show.

True to Ellen’s signature, the skit was hilarious and just what a person needed after the break up that Adele’s made us privy to. When a break up is that hard, laughter is definitely the only medicine.

Joe is an amazing R&B artist that many believe never got the recognition that he deserves for his musical contributions, but after seeing this video and witnessing his talent, this just may change the game.

The monochrome video begins with Joe gently playing at a piano followed by a quick sequence of clips of himself on a phone (perhaps speaking to a former lover) and looking out the window. The video can be seen here or below:

Needless to say, he did a “hell” of a job! While Adele’s emotion and voice on this song are incomparable, we have to admit that Joe served us with a little bit of sexy which would make any woman change her mind about a breakup.

What do you think of the R&B crooners cover? Did he do the song justice? We would love to know your thoughts so feel free to share with us.

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