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New York Fashion Week is here, and with the same breath, Adiree Communications exclusively reveals the launch of its e-commerce platform, featuring social and conscious brands.

The concept store during NYFW Africa, September 10th  not only features emerging designers but softly celebrates the upcoming launch of the retail platform.

The company softly launched  to scale years of working with brands through  media and marketing efforts ( platforms such as Africa Fashion Week and Trunk Collectives) . It’s mission: target the $1.5 trillion global e-commerce market ambitiously.

Over the past 7 years, Adiree has been dedicated to expanding the definition of  luxury by highlighting Africa’s strengths: culture and sustainability. Through its marketing platform Africa Fashion Week and brand extensions in New York the entity has promoted creatives that represent culture and sustainability.

The Founder, Adiat Disu began this mission at 21 years of age with the desire to help multicultural brands build, and has been featured on the likes of Black Enterprise, Forbes, CNN, and Washington Post to name a few, for her work through Adiree Communications .

“We’re looking forward to turning into a premium fashion destination for conscious shopping. To me, shopping consciously means empowering consumers to know the story and the origin behind their purchases. Our platform provides that by first, curating designers with authentic culturally influenced stories and/or tied to social impact. As important, is to provide a home where brands from the continent and emerging markets globally can have access to consumers who care about authenticity and purpose, just as much as they care about looking good. ”  – Adiat Disu, Founder of Adiree PR & Communications.

Disu’s background includes her position at IBM as a Communications and operations analysts, married with her analyst/  buying experience at TJX Companies (parent company of TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Homegoods), giving birth to her passion for building multicultural brands leveraging technology, marketing, media and retail.

Adiree Communications creates and manages cross-cultural event platforms and clients.



To get a sneak peek of what’s to come online, visit the concept in SOHO during NYFW (more information below).


Saturday, September 10th NYFW Africa’s platform joins the New York Fashion Week event roster, and it’s designers are vying for spotlight and retail opportunities in the international fashion scene. This year, NYFW Africa’s platform is Trunk Collectives, focuses on retail, launching a series of contemporary retail-driven events and concept stores, handcrafted for designers to engage their audience through sales and community.

Location | Soho 104 Charlton St. btw Hudson St. & Greenwich St.
Time  | 3 PM – till
Date | Saturday, September 10th

This year’s brands featured on the platform include:

  • Chrystelle Ntomb
  • Fikirte Addis
  • Sarepetha Rose
  • Tegaa
  • Tiagbe of Kososhi
  • Shangani Fashions
  • Biokide (Beauty)
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