Raw Truth About Raw Sugar Lifestyle Brand

This vegan beauty brand is definitely worth grabbing on your next trip to Target. It’s relatively cheaper than most and deserves a shoutout, so that’s what we’re gonna do.

How it all began

Southern California couple, Donda Mullis and Ronnie Shugar, founded the company with one mission in mind. To create premium-quality and vegan-friendly personal care products. It was a testament to their love. Speaking with California Business Journal, they said, “The premise of Raw Sugar really is love and – specifically — the love of us.” They continue to say, “We had a separation and when we reconnected, by complete happenstance, we wanted to build something new together from our expertise, which was in retail but taking everything we had learned independently and make it something bigger.”

The products

This brand has products that cover all the bases (as well as parts of the body). They keep their promise of sustainability with a bamboo top and eco-friendly bottle. In addition, something that separates them from their competition is the inclusion of cold-press technology. Mullis said, “We said, if cold-pressed products, which have their own formulation process, are really that good for your body, why couldn’t they be used in beauty.” Along with this, the products have locally-sourced ingredients and are created in facilities in Los Angeles.

Giving back

Raw Sugar is also giving back to their community. The company launched the Raw Sugar Initiative – which is where every product purchased, they donate a bar of soap to a less fortunate family. According to the California Business Journal, “the company has donated over five million bars via their nonprofit partner Direct Relief, a humanitarian aid organization located in San Francisco, with operations across the country and many locations globally.”

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