Post Baby Guide – What to Eat and Drink After Read Our Guide to Staying Healthy After Having Your Bundle of Joy

Good nutrition is not only important when you have a baby in you; it’s equally vital when the little one is out. While it can be a demanding and exhausting time, new mothers shouldn’t forget to get the right nutrients in. Having regular balanced meals and wholesome snacks can boost energy levels, mood and overall health.

Get Juicing

Breastfeeding moms are more of the ideal candidates for supplemental juicing plans. Doctors don’t suggest a full-on cleanse directly after giving birth. According to Melina Jampolis, M.D., the daily intake for a nursing mother should be 67 grams. In a statement to Shape magazine, she says, “Without adequate amounts, your body will burn muscle in order to fuel your milk production.” And losing muscle might mean that the number on the scale dips, but since it also causes your metabolism to plummet, you’ve basically thwarted your weight-loss efforts.

Don’t skimp on protein

Eating small amounts of protein throughout the day helps to keep blood sugar levels and moods stable. Poultry, fish, meat and dairy products can boost the production of serotonin in the body, which has a calming effect on the brain. For nursing mothers, 71 grams of protein a day is recommended. “

Limit your drinking

Although an occasional glass of wine is not a problem, regular heavy drinking can have adverse effects. Alcohol is a depressant, so drinking large amounts can worsen your mood, disrupt sleep and in certain cases, encourages depression.

Moderate caffeine intake

Caffeine tends to make people more agitated, irritable, restless and unable to sleep – all of which no nursing mother needs! A cup or two of coffee can give you the necessary boost you need to get through the day with a new born, but cut back on your intake, or swap the caffeine for plenty of water and natural juices if you can.

Go for dark chocolate

When you’re craving sweets, resist the urge to satisfy cravings with junk food; instead, reach for a dark chocolate bar, with at least 70% cocoa. High-quality dark chocolate also increases the production of serotonin, giving your mood a boost.
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