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Blogging is mucho calente business. In fact, the business of blogging has practically broken the internet, with more than millions of blog sites with various topics.   According to in 2011 (tracked by Nielsen/McKinsey), there were more than 181 million blogs from around the world.

What makes blogging the go-to source for so many users is the fact that creators are just like you and I. What makes it more interesting is blogging allows you to connect to various cultures and lifestyles.

Either way, we have curated a list of latin ladies you should know and refer to. Gracias to every Latina adding spice to the internet world and bringing us into their world of motherhood, culture, beauty, lifestyle and everyday news.



Alba Mayorga (Puerto Rican) 

She started a beauty blog called way back when, but now has transformed her brand into an agency.  As a professional makeup artist and hair stylist in the Bay Area, California she has used her beauty YouTube channel to accumulate 120,000 + subscribers from all over the world. She has collaborated with top brands such as Bare Minerals on several projects. Outside of makeup and hair, she likes to write on her free time.

Amanda Ensing (Puerto Rican) 

Amanda Ensing dodged a career in law to “create a life she didn’t need a vacation from.” This popular Latina beauty and YouTube Vlogger provides more than 700,000 followers on Instagram and over 600,000 YouTube subscribers with flawless visuals of herself, including makeup tutorials that helped her achieve the took.

Camila Coelho (Brazilian) 

Travel, fashion and beauty are what you get from Camila Coelho who travels between Paris, Brazil and New York. Not to mention her contour game is insane. She provides detailed advice on which foundation brushes to use and the best ways to contour.

Daris Sanchez (Dominican)  

Based in Switzerland, this Dominican vlogger has an audience of over on her new YouTube channel. She also engages her Instagram followers with a thorough before and after a guide on ‘how to’ makeup videos on YouTube.

Irina Gonzalez (Cuban) 

Irina did a 360-degree change in her eating habits, after losing 100 pounds. She merged her latin roots with her healthy lifestyle, sharing her favorite recipes and voila HealthyLatinFood .com  is served fresh. All hail to this healthy Latina Blogger.

Irishcel Puello ( Panamanian) 

Crowned as the queen of cat eye, this beautiful Latina Vlogger adores creating looks for all skin tones and brown hues. This  Afro-Latina  MAC Makeup artist was born in Panama and enjoys providing her global followers comedic memes in addition to her makeup tutorials on her YouTube channel.

Joscelyn Ramos Campbell (Cuban and Puerto Rican) 

Raising multiple sons now comes with a digital manual from the latina perspective. Joscelyn chronicles her daily activities as a mom and shares her fashion and foodie trips.

Kay Lani Martinez (Puerto Rican ) 

Known for her Mommy Monday confessions, Kay Lani Martinez is a New York makeup artist whose signature look consists a fire-engine-red lipstick and hair color. She also has many other looks she shares on her YouTube channel and Instagram page.

Melissa Alatorre (Mexican-American)

Her boho grunge makeup looks and tutorials are phenomenal!  She is a first-generation Mexican-American born and raised in San Diego.  Soon after receiving her Bachelors Degree in Journalism and Media Studies with a Minor in Psychology from San Diego State University she moved to Hollywood to work in the television business.  Each TV show she would work on, she would find herself in the makeup room, transfixed by the beauty that was being created by the talented Makeup Artists on set.  It was then that she realized what her true passion had always been, makeup. So she decided to pursue a career as a Freelance Makeup Artist.

By doing makeup on others as a Freelance Makeup Artist, Melissa saw first hand the impact makeup could have on building someone’s confidence.  Now, through the power of social media (YouTube, Instagram, WordPress and more) she is able to not only teach but also inspire others around the world through her work as a Makeup Artist and Digital Influencer.

Miryam Diaz (Mexican) 

The Glow recently featured Diaz as one of the top five Instagram game changers. And as a new ‘beautynista’ on the Youtube (with over 200 Youtube videos) and Instagram block, this is huge. She has swiftly acquired so much attention, as well as an incredibly large following.

Naomi Giannopoulous aka Vegas Nay ( Mexican American ) 

An international recognized professional makeup artists with over 20 years of experience, has an audience of over 7 million followers on Instagram. Her Instagram has increased in followership due to her consistent makeup tutorials, gorgeous selfies, and Stardust Tours in 2014.

Rosita Applebaum ( Peruvian, Puerto Rican and Chinese ) 

Fully featured in the Latin Times, beauty and fashion Vlogger Rosita Applebaum is a popular Latina Vlogger on YouTube and Instagram who has more than 230,427 YouTube subscribers and counting. She keeps her audience engage with in-depth makeup tutorials, open and honest conversations. Not to mention, this beauty blogger is all business as she secures partnerships with Ten Beauty Studio to introduce a line of makeup brushes.

Sili M. Recio (Dominican) 

This Afro-Latina Editor in Chief creates a digital destination for concerns, questions, and conversation about babies, fashion, and everyday how-tos. My Mamihood is a digital resource for all mommies who understand or can relate to mommy problems.

Yolanda Machado (Peruvian- Mexican)

Give this woman a  glass of wine (reviews not guaranteed), and get close to heart. Other things she loves and blogs about on Sassy Mama in LA, are products, events, family, food, and technology.

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