Moguls Making Mainstream Media Inclusive AF

Current mainstream media is inclusive AF and the public better recognize. The idea of “professional” is no longer limited to a single standard. We have men and women of different cultures and lifestyles (hues) making an impact on how we think, what we feel, and how we want to react. They provide us with a platform to speak and live in our truth whether people love it or hate it.

We are excited about our list of media moguls who have made an impact from one spectrum of the media to the next. Whether it’s hosting a show, writing the content, or creating publicity, these media tastemakers don’t plan to be silenced and will continue to give their many cohorts a chance to express their views without the metaphorical muzzle.

View the  list below and tell us who is next! You?

Jen Wong, COO of Reddit

Jen Wong is best known for working with POPSUGAR Inc. back in 2015 to make POPSUGAR, Inc. go international. Now she’s working with Reddit to increase daily usage.

Julie Alvin, Digital Director at Time Inc.

Time isn’t the only impressive company on her resume. Julie has worked for an array of different publications including Conde Nast and Bustle Digital Group delivering content that has people talking a lot. Not to mention she is unapologetic about women’s rights . What would media be without her?

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Lola Ogunnaike, TV Anchor and Reporter

Lola Ogunnaike, has quite a colorful resume. Once a writer for Vibe Magazine the well-educated journalist took her talent to the New York Times, later finding her niche as the TV anchor for People TV.

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Karen Civil, Tech & Media Executive

Civil wins the award for the illest walking media empire to ever walk this Earth (in my most humble opinion). I mean…. she speaks (hosts for Hillary Clinton sponsored Democratic rallies, hosting panels for media outlets like BET); writes (self-publishing books such as Be You & Live Civil: Tools for Unlocking Your Potential & Living Your Purpose ), co produces music (RE:  Wale song featuring Lil Wayne.) and documentaries ( re: 2016 documentary film The Last RideA Philadelphia Story about Kyrell “Rell” Tyrel and bike culture )

Adiat Disu, Tech & Media Executive

Adiat Disu, is the technical and operational mind behind mainstream media empires looking to improve efficiencies across diverse team and diversify project portfolios. For example, she was responsible for the preliminary digital first campaign launch of  Hearst Magazine Cosmo Nigeria.

The Nigerian-Ghanaian influential tech and operations executive has democratize media and E-commerce for Africa’s diverse and e-fluential but often time ‘invisible faces.’

Her company ADIREE, for the past 7 years has been dedicated to serving identity-driven communities through marketing, media, and marketplace driven platforms.  Her firm most coveted platform,  is an annual Pan-African-focused, lifestyle marketing platform called Africa Fashion Week (which includes it’s New York extension) , all of which influenced and triggered a trend of Africa Fashion Weeks across the world.


Value over validation : This is why I’ve learned to simply love the woman I am becoming. This is why I’ve learned to observe and build in silence. This is how I’ve learned to say no and let go. This is how I’ve learned to acquire a taste for patience and a “let-them-come-to-you” attitude. This is also how I’ve learned to identify and run away from “certain” professional personalities /persons. This is how I’ve learned to conduct myself. I asked. And I received unadulterated wisdom: Proverbs 25:6-9 Do not exalt yourself in the king’s presence, and do not claim a place among his great men; It’s better to wait for an invitation to the head table ….Just because you’ ve seen something, do not hastily bring into court….. #business #career #blackgirlmagic #womenintech

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Necole Kane, CEO & Editor-In-Chief

Formerly known as Necole Bitchie, the Maryland native created xoNecole in 2015 to change her platform from gossip to a helpful lifestyle mag that encourages women of color to live their very best lives. Necole Kane is undoubtly the most emotionally driven and inspiring leaders of our time. She’s found ways to emotionally charge headlines, newsletter subject lines, and everyday Instagram posts in a why that connects to most young Millennial black women.

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Morgan DeBaun, CEO

As the CEO of Blavity, the St. Louis native wanted to create a platform for black millennials. In addition to her growing site, Morgan works to educate black and brown youth on financial literacy.

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Sophia Amoruso, CEO

Sophia is best known for her online clothing store, Nasty Gal, which took shopping to a whole new level. She has since expanded her #GirlBoss brand with a lifestyle website and podcast for women by women, GirlBoss Radio. Her mission is to help women progress personally and professionally.

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Jaclyn Johnson, CEO 

Jaclyn is a powerhouse entrepreneur who sold her first business at the age of 28. Since then she has started her second business, Create & Cultivate, which helps women create the businesses of their dreams.

Kahlana Barfield Brown, Editor-at-Large

Kahlana Barfield Brown began her career at InStyle as an intern. She progressively climbed the fashion and beauty ladder until she reached the heights of Editor-at-Large at InStyle. Her goal as a writer and editor is to encourage readers to embrace beauty from within.

Claire Sulmers, Editor-in-Chief

Claire Sulmers is a veteran in the digital media game. In 2006, she launched her urban chic blog, Fashion Bomb Daily, and the world of fashion has never been the same. She has expanded her brand with fancy brunches, Cocktails with Claire, which inspires people to reach their goals no matter what and she also released her book, The Bomb Life where she shared her journey as a fashion blogger to a fashion genius.

Danielle Prescod, Style Director

Self-proclaimed content monster, Danielle has set her sights high as the Style Director of BET. She takes her position by the wheel and steers the direction of the style vertical as the go-to source for trending news. Danielle is highly sought after for her fashion expertise and has been featured in several publications that want to know, “who she is wearing?”

Nikki Ogunnaike, Style Director

Nikki is the style expert that truly knows her stuff. Gaining a wealth of experience at well-known publications like InStyle, Glamour, and more. As the Style director for Elle, the Nigerian-American now represents the Elle brand on television and often seen in Elle videos.

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Angelica Nwandu, Founder & CEO

Before The Shade Room, Angelica Nwandu wanted to be an account receiving her degree from Loyola Marymount University in 2012. Today, Angelica has grown The Shade Room from working by herself to employing over 15 people and two office locations in Atlanta and Los Angeles.

Julissa Calderon, Producer

Julissa Calderon is a veteran member of the BuzzFeed team. From the moment she was cast for one of BuzzFeed’s Latinx projects, she knew that Buzzfeed was her home. She first landed a position in the offices, and now the Miami native is a producer, director, and video editor.

Dana L. Oliver, Beauty Director

Dana changed the game at Yahoo Lifestyle covering all things beauty from the red carpet to the runway and the real streets. She leads engaging conversations with celebrities as a moderator for BUILD and has discussed trending topics and pop culture as a beauty expert during SXSW, Beautycon Festival New York, as well as on Good Morning America and BBC’s World Have Your Say.

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Elaine Welteroth, Journalist

Formerly the Editor-in-Chief of Teen Vogue, Elaine took the print and digital work to the next level of success in creating diversity and inclusion of all interested in the brand. Since resigning from the teen fashion bible, we await what Elaine has in store for the world of media, but in the meantime, you can catch her on an episode of Grown.ish.

Kela Walker, TV Host & Producer

A regular on NYC Life (channel 25) Kela is the creator, producer, and host of several programs, but exclusively That’s So New York, exposing audiences to the energy and heartbeat that makes New York’s great cities. Discussing celebrity buzz, fashion trends, red carpet commentary and much more, Kela is always ready to take viewers on the scene and behind the velvet rope of the latest events.

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Aimee Song, Fashion & Design Blogger

When Aimee started blogging in 2008, she was studying interior architecture and mainly posting about interior design. But when an outfit she was wearing in one of her pictures started to get more attention than the room she was standing in, she decided to shift her focus to fashion. Since then, she has become an extremely influential fashion blogger, with nearly five million followers.

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Mecca Moore, Publisher

Mecca Moore is the owner and publisher of THINK PYNK and PYNK Branded LLC, a full-service lifestyle brand based in New York. Amongst her many accolades, Mecca has created several initiatives to empower the female community including, #PYNKGirlsCare, a philanthropic service that fosters the enlightenment and empowerment of women across the nation through charitable events, fundraising, and mentorship.

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Richelieu Dennis, Owner of Essence Magazine

Sundial Brands (maker of Shea Moisture) founder and CEO made a major move when he purchased the iconic magazine, Essence. Keeping it for the culture, the Liberian born Richelieu expressed that he is excited to return the culturally relevant and historically significant platform to ownership by the people and the consumers to whom it serves.

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