Africa’s Oprah Shares What Every power Woman Should Have In Her Purse Put It In The Bag!

Photo Courtesy of Instagram: moabudu

Mo Abudu is a British media mogul, media personality, and philanthropist, that has made quite the name for herself in the world of media. Listed as “Africa’s Most Successful Woman”, she holds a lot of the tools she needs to succeed right in her personal handbag. We got the exclusive on what Mosunmola carries in her bag and how she uses each item to make her day a productive day.

Notepad & Pen


Use the notepad and pen to jot down a few quick notes and reminders, to take down a few numbers, or make your grocery list. Every power woman on the go has to have these items.

Business Cards


Take these ever so seriously. Whether you’re going out to network or simply running to the store, you never know who you are going to meet. A power woman is always prepared to leave her mark.

Dental Floss


Maintain your smile by ensuring that after each dinner party, you’ve flossed and removed all delicacies from between your teeth. The dental floss is a crucial lifeline, shall we say?



Shield your eyes from the moments you really don’t want to be bothered with the sun’s glaring rays and you didn’t expect to see the ‘frenemy’

Tissues/Hand Sanitizers


Keep yourself healthy. Let us be honest: we know you’re a powerful woman and all, but must you battle every germ in the world? Hand sanitizers are a must-have, especially those using public transport.



You are a powerful woman. Never get defeated by such a villainous blooper. Mints will fight off the odors in your mouth and attract the attention you deserve.

 Perfume & Hand Lotion


Revitalize your body by using perfumes and hand lotions (sneak into the restroom for a little cleansing if you need to). Also provide the inside of your bag with a few spritzes, sparingly to keep the bag and contents smelling just as fresh as you (this is a nice touch to your business cards).

Powder Compact & Lip Gloss


Refresh your look with the mid-day touch up. It brightens up your look.

 Credit Card & Cash


Have a credit card on hand for obvious reasons, but cash is best for the sake of liquidity. Keep both on hand, but have cash readily available for emergencies.

Mobile Phone


Have it on you always for safety reasons. In addition to staying on top of your game, the mobile phone ensures those at the office and loved ones can reach you.

Do you have some of the items on the list? If you have them all then we’re sure that you are also on the path to success. Meet you there!

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