Nigerian-American Skincare Mogul Changing The Face of Beauty

Let’s face it. All too often we judge and are judged, by the appearance of skin. The search for beautiful skin and its maintenance is universal.

Rashes, hives, eczema and/or a ripened, overly teased (I told you a million times to stop picking at it) a pimple can cause a rupture of frustration (mentally and emotionally). The great news is that with more technology, natural and organic skincare trends, and discovery of holistic approaches to beauty, you now have more control over your skin. The question of how much control, however, is up to you, your choice of products, and lifestyle. You must go beyond excited trends and dig deeper into the ingredients you apply to the largest organ of your body, your skin.

For Nigeria-born founder, Aminah Sagoe, owner of New York-based skincare company Emmaus Beauty, her passion for beauty isn’t skin-deep. Her skincare line is filled with purpose and natural ingredients, gently extracted from nature, and thoughtfully crafted for your skin care regimen.

Emmaus Beauty is a natural skin care line that utilizes plant stem cell technology (PSCT) to provide soothing help and relief to those with skin disorders such as body acne, ingrown hairs, uneven complexions, Keratosis Pilaris (also known as “chicken skin”) and other skin conditions. Keep in mind; the scientific method behind Emmaus beauty is a more efficient extraction method than the norm, killing fewer plants, yet creating more products with natural essentials. Emmaus Beauty goes beyond the common natural skin care creation process.


For now, strip away the sustainable packaging of her skincare products, the labeling of natural, the recent advertising campaign Businesses On The Rise with Virgin Atlantic, her global personal appearances, deep desire to have products available in stores such as retail locations Sephora, Space NK, WholeFoods, and Neiman Marcus store visits, and recent launch in Nigeria and get to the dermis ⎯ the strongest fiber ⎯ of her purpose and process of creating Emmaus, there lies a rejuvenated and innovative approach to skin care.


Beyond the surface. Purpose

Sagoe’s personal battle with a non-life threatening and non-contagious skin condition, Keratosis Pilaris (KP), also referred to as “chicken skin,” turned into a quest to find a natural care regimen to improve her skin condition and eventually help others do the same. The result; A unique combination of ingredients that not only helps with KP, but also other skin conditions.

On the other end of her calling was the potential size of the global skin care market. From 2012 to 2021 the global skincare market is projected to be worth $121 billion. Not to mention by 2018, the US skincare market will reach $10.7 billion to $12 billion. Ironically, her personal challenges with skin and desire for a more natural solution that was gentle to the environment were dominating key drivers, increasing the size of the skincare market.

Consumer demand and rising concern for natural and organic skincare products, growing focus on health and safety, as well as the increasing awareness of synthetic chemicals, and a steady rise of green consciousness are all major contributing factors to the increase in the size of the global skin care market.


Deep rooted process

Not allowing the size of her calling to blemish her mission in providing authentic skin care solutions for herself and others, she partnered with a world-renowned formulator. For Sagoe, the roots of our skincare solutions begin with nature and are seeded in plants. Sagoe states, “Our ethos at Emmaus is to provide a safe and healthy alternative to expensive synthetic skincare. We do this by using natural ingredients that are scientifically formulated to produce the results you expect from quality skincare. We want you to experience beautiful skin that derives vitality from the use of natural ingredients, without exposing your body to toxic ingredients or harming the Earth to do so.”

Beauty closets and vanity tables around the world are brimming with creams and correctors, yet problems and challenges persist. Perhaps, for us, it’s time to look beyond labels and into the depths of Africa’s resources. Not just because Africa is the home of some of the world’s most beneficial and rich universal natural ingredients — some of which Emmaus Beauty skincare line contains such as Baobab Oil, Egyptian Lily etc.— but because Africa, in particular, Nigeria, has produced an entrepreneur, by the name of Aminah Sagoe.

Sagoe has produced a skincare line that harnesses the power of those ingredients, leverages modern technology, and cares about the environment.

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