Love Entrepreneurs : 7 Things to Know Before Playing Matchmaker in 2017

Hooking people up (successfully), could be very rewarding, if they end up loving one another happily ever after (forever). But you should be aware of how such an act could backfire, no matter how great your intentions were in the first place. So take your time, I know your Patty Stanger (Millionaire Matchmaker) alter ego just wants to pair people up, but consider the following before entering into the business of love-making:

As an HR Professional and Career Entrepreneur, I’m constantly into the business of finding the “right fit,” sourcing the best candidate for that great job (department, team, you name it). I figured, how difficult could it be to connect two individuals (that I love and adore)? And since I usually took the time to evaluate both characters’ strengths and weaknesses (leveraging my HR skills), I thought, hey I got this. Yet, more often than not, the opposite was true. I quickly learned matchmaking could be very hit or miss.   My first foray into matchmaking was a complete success, and I guess that got to my head because the second attempt was an absolute disaster. There’s more to matchmaking than guilting your friends into a blind date. Real emotions are involved, and the last thing you want is to find yourself torn between friends who now hate each other. To avoid becoming persona non grata among your peers, consider these few things before playing Cupid.

Just because they look good together doesn’t mean that they will find love with each other- I’ve known a few couples who looked like they had just walked off a Christmas card but today they are not together, and some can’t even stand each other!

Don’t appoint yourself their relationship counselor or peacemaker after they have swapped numbers or settled on a first date

Your number will be the first they call when there’s a squabble so be prepared for that. Listen quietly to their rants, remind them to make wise decisions and then back off. (except there’s violence or abuse involved)

Consider their personalities before setting them up

Don’t set your not-ready-to-get-locked-down boy with a girl who’s got a dog-eared wedding book idea in her drawer, a bridal mood board on her wall and saved wedding dress picture on her phone.

Just because you were successful at getting a couple of friends together doesn’t mean it will always work out. Sometimes people will get along and sometimes they won’t. You can never tell which way it will go. How about if one of them happens to have a bad day at work or your girlfriend shows up to their date with scary makeup done hurriedly under bad lighting.

Don’t set up any friends you aren’t sure about especially if they have given you cause to worry before

Any bad vibes or niggling doubts? That might be a sign that you shouldn’t hook them up even if you are dying to. You won’t forgive yourself if anything goes wrong.

Playing Cupid is great but you have to be careful not to get too carried away by the excitement. Or you may want to look into requirements for a matchmaking certification.

Don’t try to hook your friend up with a guy you want for yourself

When has that ever worked anyway? Your feelings won’t go away simply because they are together and it might lead to some awkward situations or positions that may end up in the loss of friendship.

Don’t ‘oversell’ either of your friends

Like giving a hotness rating of eight when it should honestly be 4. Be honest and show pictures (not avatars or airbrushed photos), with their permission of course. [Laughs].

The lovebirds don’t owe you anything just because you set the ball in motion. Let’s just say you’ll get your reward in heaven. Don’t guilt them into loaning you money, instead wish them happiness, call dibs on the wedding toast and don’t ever get tempted to rat out sins of either side. You also get to be a VIP guest which guarantees a never-ending supply of wine, dance partners, and grateful family members during the wedding preparations.


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